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100,000 Volt to 499,000 Volt Stun Guns

Stun Guns - even inexpensive ones - come in a fairly wide selection. Take a look at this handy comparison.

Streetwise Stun Guns
Streetwise uses updated circuitry to handle the 200,000 volt or 400,000 volt shocks. At only 4 inches long it offers a surprising number of features at very competitive pricing. In addition to a belt clip, well-designed safety switch, and built-in belt clip, it also sports a 130 dB alarm.

Of particular value to those who are even more safety conscious, the wrist strap is attached to a disable pin. All this is powered by one 9-volt battery (available for about $2.50). Since both units come with a heavy duty holster (with belt loop), it is perfect for discreet transport.

You Save 29%

Stun Master Products
While Stun Master stun guns are now considered old school in that they have been around since about 1994, they made a name for themselves by delivering power when it's needed. Their units are still in great demand because of conservative pricing and simplicity of design. In short, they get the job done with a minimum of bells and whistles.

The Stun Master 100,000 volt unit comes in a straight model or in a curved one, which makes it easier to use in some applications. The straight version is 4 inches long. It is powered by a single 9-volt battery, available everywhere. It also has a safety switch and a wrist strap, but the wrist strap is not connected to a disable pin. This model also has a handy belt clip. Nevertheless, the Stun Master 100,000 volt is a nice fistful of stopping power.

The Stun Master 200,000 volt stun gun is available in straight or curved models. At 6 inches long, is a bit larger and uses two 9-volt batteries. The Stun Master 300,000 volt stun gun, curved or straight, is about the same size, uses two 9-volt batteries, and has a wrist strap and belt clip but delivers a bigger punch. They are great examples of budget pricing that still gets the job done.

The Runt Stun Gun
Moving up in price and quality, The Runt stun gun comes in three levels of power: 350,000 volts, 650,000 volts, and 950,000 volts. At 3 inches long, this baby is virtually invisible in the hand of a man or a woman. All three units use three CR123A Lithium batteries which are included with The Runt and replacements are available virtually everywhere. A particularly nice feature that sidesteps replacement batteries is the 950,000 volt model that is rechargeable.

The Runt is perfect for tucking inside purse or brief case and, when in the holster with a belt loop, it fits unobtrusively under jacket or shirt. Just having this powerful stun gun close at hand makes lots of owners feel much safer.