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Guard Dog Home & Away Pepper Spray Kit

$ 45.99 MSRP: $54.99$9 (20%)

The perfect kit to keep on hand to defend yourself at home or while you are in your car. This kit comes with Max Strength Pepper Sprays – a large 3oz canister and a small, concealable 1/2 ounce spray.

  • 2x Max Strength Pepper Sprays
  • Large 3oz home size Pepper Spray
  • Small 1/2oz travel Pepper Spray
  • Industry Exclusive FREE pepper spray replacement after use
  • Lifetime Warranty

The new Home & Away Pepper Spray Kit combines for protection when you need it most, and when you expect it the least. Be prepared and be equipped with Guard Dog’s red hot 18% OC pepper spray in 3 ounces for your home and ½ ounce keychain for when you’re away.

When you are away, arm yourself with Guard Dog’s powerful 3-in-1 formula pepper spray in a convenient ½ ounce keychain unit, with included tear gas for ultimate stopping power. This is the same, effective ingredient used by law enforcement worldwide!

Protect yourself and your loved ones at home with potent 3 ounce Guard Dog pepper spray. This effective unit adheres on to the wall, with the included wall mount, for easy access next to doors, yet high enough to be out of reach of children.

Guard Dog pepper sprays come with the industry exclusive Protected 4 Life program, entitling free pepper spray replacement for life in the event of use.

Don’t be caught off guard, whether away from your home or in the comfort of it, with Guard Dog Security’s Home & Away Pepper Spray Kit.

  • Includes a 3-in-1 pepper spray (red pepper, CS military tear gas, UV dye) and glow-in-the-dark 3 ounce pepper spray with wall mount
  • Safety switch prevents accidental discharge
  • Firing range up to 12 feet
  • UV identifying dye
  • Laboratory tested for instant action and non leakage
  • Protected 4 Life program


Invisible UV Dye

Use: After spraying, this causes an “invisible” dye on the assailants which enables law enforcement to successfully identify the victim in the case the victim attempts to wash off the substance.

New & Exclusive! Protected 4 Life Program

Receive FREE pepper spray for life with purchase of this product from online or any Guard Dog authorized retailer. Free pepper spray replacement for life in the event of use. Because we care about your safety!


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