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Street Wise Barbarian Stun Baton 19 Inches

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The Street Wise 9 MILLION volt stun baton is an ideal self defense weapon to protect you from dogs or wild animals. Because of its long 19.5″ length it keeps you a save distance from your attacker – providing you with ample power to stun them so you can get safely away.

The Baton is not for concealment, but with its built in wrist strap and belt clip it is easy to take with you on hikes, walks, park runs, or when you go camping.

The Stun Baton is also great for keeping by your bed in case there is a break-in in the middle of the night. The built in 3 Watt LED helps shine the way in a dark house, while the huge voltage provides plenty of stopping power.

  • 9 Million Volt Stopping Power
  • Perfect for Animal Control
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Shipping

Make the rechargeable stun baton your daily reliable companion as you go anywhere. It will protect you from any possible danger
caused by aggressive attackers.

This 19″ Stun Baton will Extend Your Reach, Extend Your Safety

If you are an urban professional or someone in the security field, you are the perfect match for the Streetwise Stun Baton. This 19″ stun baton packs a wallop at 9 million stopping power, making it one of the strongest stun baton available.

You won’t have to worry while walking your security detail anymore. This self defense item not only packs a punch in stopping power, it cuts through barriers like clothes to deliver maximum protection for you and non-lethal stopping power against attackers.

Stun or Strike

The shock proof exterior is made of military grade aluminium alloy which not only protects the unit from damage but can also be used to strike your assailant.

See in the dark

The built-in LED flashlight not only will it illuminate the entire area at night, but it can also help to protect you. When shined in the eyes of an attacker, the ultra-bright light can have a temporary blinding effect making it easy for you to immobilize them with the stun gun or strike with the baton.
Its unique 3 light modes allow you to easily change between the light modes: 100% for full strength, 50% for conserving battery life, and Flashing Strobe for emergencies or self-defense.

It is Rechargeable

Recharging cord (included) plugs directly into a standard wall outlet to save you money on batteries.

This Self Defense Item is a Perfect Addition to Your Security Tools

The built-in belt clip allows you to clip onto your utility belt or hang it from your tool belt for immediate access. Perfectly balanced for quick action and sized to fit your needs, the Streetwise Stun Baton is a worthy companion for your protection.

This stun baton is so good at protecting you; it even saves you from yourself. It comes complete with a safety mechanism to keep you from accidentally triggering a shock while it is stored on your person.

Reduced Response Time

Having the highest stopping power on the market adds to your safety in other ways as well. The higher the voltage, the shorter the amount of time it takes to subdue an assailant and end the attack. When your life is at stake, every moment is precious, and that extra minute you save could mean the difference between your life and your death.

Other uses for the Streetwise Stun Baton include animal control officers on duty, especially when dealing with neighborhood calls for such problems as dog fighting, where you might encounter an animal more vicious than your average family pet. In this situation, that 19″ length gives you an added distance, adding a layer of protection between man and beast.

Other uses for the Streetwise Stun Baton include discouragement. All of our stun guns and stun batons can be made to test fire, producing a distinctive noise as the test prongs fire current from one to the other. On this model the noise is particularly impressive, and when used in combination with the size of the baton can discourage an attacker from following through with an attack, offering you’re an added layer of protection from engagement and harm.

Take advantage of the limited time low price and purchase this remarkable product now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I have to recharge the rechargeable unit?
Under normal use the unit will need to be recharged for eight hours every 60 days. If used frequently or the electrical current becomes noticeably weaker the unit will need to be recharged.9 million stopping power seems a little strong, is it necessary?
Yes. Theoretically, higher voltage means shorter time to immobilize an attacker. In other words, less confrontation time. You would want to have the highest power available if possible.Would 9 million stopping power stun gun cause more damage than other smaller voltage stun guns?
No, even though the voltage is higher, the current is still very low (about 3-milliamp amperage, just like other models) which makes this stun gun just as less lethal as other lower voltage models.Would this stun baton model give a little more advantage since it is longer?
Yes. This stun baton is 19.5 inches long. It would increase the distance between you and your attacker.Why would anyone choose a stun baton over a stun gun?
It’s really is just personal preference. The stun baton does provide a little better grip over other stun guns.Is it easy to carry?
This stun baton is 19.5 inches long. However, the weight is only 1 lb plus it comes with built-in belt clip and wrist strap for easy carrying.Has anyone purchased this item for dog control?
Yes. In fact, an animal control department in California uses this item for dog control. Their feedback is very positive.Would you recommend this item?
Yes, I would recommend this item if you are a security guard or in a similar line of work. This stun baton allows you to maintain a good distance from your attacker. It also provides a better grip then other models. However, since it is 19.5 inches long, it is not as easy to maneuver as other models.

Technical Specs

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 19.5 in



Safety Switch

Tactical Flashlight


Built-In Wrist Strap


Built-In Metal Belt Clip



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