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Zap Double Trouble

$ 119.99 $ 74.12 MSRP: $149.97$75.85 (51%)

Carry the powerful Double Trouble stun gun for easy access and ultimate protection

  • More effective than most stun guns because of the increased space between electrodes
  • Rubber coated with soft contour grip to make it easier to hold
  • Perfect for joggers, walkers, or runners
  • Also comes with a hand strap and FREE Nylon Carrying Case with Belt Clip so that you can carry it where ever you go

The Double Trouble stun gun is considered as a self-defense device that exceeds most stun guns available in the market today when it comes to effectiveness. The increased space between the electrodes means that the space that the space that the amperage travels through the body is also bigger, leading to a greater effect on your attacker. Double Trouble has 5 inches between electrodes, as compared to typical stun guns that only have 1.5 inches of distance. But more than that, each end has several electrodes so that the probability that you will hit your attacker is also higher!

Powerful Take Down Effect

ZAP Double Trouble Stun Gun is very powerful. Just discharge this unit up in the air and no one will want to get close to you! Even the sound of it lets people know that it will hurt!

Soft Contoured Rubberized Grip

The Double Trouble has a rubber coated soft contour grip to make it easy to hold and hang on to. In tense moments, this is particularly crucial because you need to be sure that you have a weapon that is easy to grab hold of. Its contoured rubber grip makes it easy to carry and hold while walking or jogging. The appearance is not just for looks, but for ergonomic reasons. This device fits very comfortably in your hand and gives you an extension that feels natural. In fact, this is the preferred self-defense weapon of many joggers, walkers, and runners.

Safety Switch

This stun gun comes with a safety switch with an on/off LED indicator. It is located at the top of the device, and can be easily reached with your thumb, making it highly accessible and easy to activate. This lets you know if the Double Trouble is ready to fire. To avoid getting shocked accidentally, the unit has a red LED warning light to signal to you that the charge is switched on.

Technical Specs

Weight 6.9 oz

Safety Switch


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