What Are the Self Defense Laws in Ohio?

stun gun self defense in ohioKnowing what the self defense laws in Ohio is something all Ohioans need to know and what rights they have at protecting themselves from harm.

When it comes to self defense laws nearly all states permit some use of deadly force in order for a person to protect themselves inside their home, which is based on the ‘Castle Doctrine.’ However, while some areas require a person to retreat from an attacker outside of their home, there are more and more states expanding their laws in order to increase a person’s safety and legal rights if they happen to be outside of their homes too.

Previously in Ohio, if a homeowner was subjected to an intruder inside their home they were required to retreat before using deadly force against the suspect. Not only that, but the burden of proof lay upon the defendant to prove in court that the use of deadly force in such a situation was required because he/she had acted out of fear of physical injury or death.

Now, though, the law has changed.

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Stun Gun Laws in Nevada

stun gun laws in nevadaWith so many states in America it can be a bit confusing as to whether or not states permit the use of stun guns. Here we find out whether it is legal or not to own a stun gun in the state of Nevada.

According to Nevada’s law NRS 202.253, firearms are defined as “any device designed to be used as a weapon from which a projectile may be expelled through the barrel by the force of any explosion or other form of combustion.”

Under NRS 202.357 it states that “a person shall not use an electronic stun device on another person for any purpose other than self defense.”

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Women’s Safety: How to Stay Safe While Traveling Alone

stun gun for women safety when traveling aloneNowadays it’s not uncommon for women to want to travel alone, but how can they do something they enjoy while still being safe?

Over recent months the subject of travelling alone has come under the spotlight, particularly in New Delhi, after the fatal gang-rape of an Indian student and the sexual assault of a South Korean woman. While US travel advisories have issued warnings to women to not travel alone others have gone so far as to recommend that women forgo travelling alone at all. Knowing the crime rate in different countries can often help when it comes to planning so you know what areas to avoid.

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What to do if you find a burglar in your home

taser against burglarFor countless home owners their home is their safe haven, a place for them to escape from their otherwise chaotic lives. For this reason no one wants their home to be targeted by burglars, but it does happen. Here we look at what to do if you are confronted by a thief in your home.

It’s late at night and you are in bed when you hear glass breaking downstairs. With your heart thundering in your throat you realize that someone is breaking into your home. What do you do?

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What Are the Stun Gun Laws in Mississippi?

stun gun laws in mississippiCan you carry a stun gun in Mississippi legally without a permit? Are you allowed to carry the device when flying? We answer these questions here.

When it comes to a person’s protection it is a good idea to know what you are entitled to, what you are not and what devices you can use to provide a greater sense of security. Stun guns have become a widely used self defense device for members of the public and police departments. However, while not all states permit the use of stun guns for public use Mississippi does.

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Tips on How to Jog in Safety at Night

jog with a stun gun for safetyJogging is probably one of the easiest sports to take up for exercise, but it can also be one that sees many opportunistic criminals targeting those on their own. Taking safety measures will ensure that you stay safe during your workout.

It goes without saying that jogging during daylight hours is much safer compared to jogging at night; however, with our increasingly busy schedules and family commitments, there are many runners who find they only have time to jog during the evening or early morning.

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The Advantages of Stun Guns

advantage of stun gunWith more people turning their attention to self defense devices for protection we look here to see what the advantages of owning a stun gun are.

Over the past ten years stun guns have evolved to become an extremely effective device at preventing harm to individuals in need of protection. However, it goes without saying that in order to appreciate the advantages of the device it is necessary to understand how it functions.

Stun guns, as the name would imply, are designed to stun a person thus preventing them from committing a crime or succeeding in harming someone.

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Taser Review




taser c2 review taser m26c review taser x2
Price $399.99 $499.95 $999.00
Color Available Black
Black Black
Output Power 50,000 V, 5 Watts, 2 mA
30-second automatic timing cycle per discharge
50,000 V, 18 Watts, 2.7 mA
5-second automatic timing cycle per discharge
50,000 V, 6 Watts, 1.9 mA
10 second up to 30 second automatic timing cycle per discharge
Power Source Lithium Power Magazine Battery (included) 8 AA Batteries (not included) Digital Power Magazine Battery (included)
Dimensions (LxHxW) 6″ x 2.10″ x 1.25″ 7.5″ x 5.5″ x 1.3 6″ x 3.2″ x 1.3″
Weight 7 oz 18 oz 7.2 oz
Shoot Rage: Max 15ft Max 15ft Max 15ft
Works as stun gun for direct contact? Yes Yes Yes
Special Features Safety Switch, Power Indicator, Laser Sight, LED Flashlight Safety Switch, Power Indicator, Laser Sight Safety Switch, Power Indicator, Laser Sight, Flashlight
Specifications C2 Specifications M26C Specifications X2 Specifications
Background Check / Activation Once you receive the C2, you must activate it with the manufacturer in order for it to function! The manufacturer will perform a background check for you during activation. The process should only take 30 mins to complete. We will contact you by phone for a background check once we receive your order. It is a requirement by the manufacturer to ensure you do not have any criminal record. Please click here for more information or contact us at 1-866-321-7886. We will contact you by phone for a background check once we receive your order. It is a requirement by the manufacturer to ensure you do not have any criminal record. Please click here for more information or contact us at 1-866-321-7886.
Package Included View C2 Detail View M26C Detail View X2 Detail
Integrated Laser Sight Yes Yes Yes
Intergated Flashlight Yes No Yes
# of 15′ Live Cartridge 2 4 6
# of Training Cartridge (blue) 1 0 0
Holster Tactical Holster No Soft Holster
Practice Target Yes Yes Yes
Battery Yes No Yes
Training Material Yes Yes Yes
Price $399.99 $499.95 $999.00
Order Your C2 Here Order Your M26C Here Order Your X2 Here

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TASER Information

What Is A TASER Gun?

TASER International, Inc. is the only company that manufactures TASERs. Their products are the only ones bearing the TASER trademark. TASERs are non-lethal weapons that use harmless electrical shocks to disrupt the target’s nervous system. While being shocked, the target has no control over his skeletal muscles and simply falls down.
taser gun models

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Stun Guns Laws and Regulations in Illinois

stun gun laws illinoisIn most states, the use of stun guns is permitted for home protection, although many of the states place harsh restrictions on them outside of the home, often prohibiting a person to carry or possess them in public.

In 2005, Gov. Blagojevich signed into law Senate Bill 1962, which states that for an individual to own a stun gun or TASER, they must first have a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID), making Illinois the first state to do so.

Consequently, in the state of Illinois, while the use of stun guns is legal, the legality of them comes with restrictions. The Illinois State Police state under the Criminal Code of 1961, Article 24, Section 2(a)(1) that “No person may require or possess any firearm, stun gun, or Taser within this State without having in his or her possession a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card previously issued in his or her name by the Department of State Police under the provisions of this Act.”

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