Street Wise Barbarian Stun Baton 19 Inches

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$ 89.25

The Street Wise 9 MILLION volt stun baton is an ideal self defense weapon to protect you from dogs or wild animals. Because of its long 19.5″ length it keeps you a save distance from your attacker – providing you with ample power to stun them so you can get safely away.

The Baton is not for concealment, but with its built in wrist strap and belt clip it is easy to take with you on hikes, walks, park runs, or when you go camping.

The Stun Baton is also great for keeping by your bed in case there is a break-in in the middle of the night. The built in 3 Watt LED helps shine the way in a dark house, while the huge voltage provides plenty of stopping power.

  • 9 Million Volt Stopping Power
  • Perfect for Animal Control
  • Lifetime Warranty


Make the rechargeable stun baton your daily reliable companion as you go anywhere. It will protect you from any possible danger
caused by aggressive attackers.

This 19″ Stun Baton will Extend Your Reach, Extend Your Safety

If you are an urban professional or someone in the security field, you are the perfect match for the Streetwise Stun Baton. This 19″ stun baton packs a wallop at 9 million stopping power, making it one of the strongest stun baton available.

You won’t have to worry while walking your security detail anymore. This self defense item not only packs a punch in stopping power, it cuts through barriers like clothes to deliver maximum protection for you and non-lethal stopping power against attackers.

Stun or Strike

The shock proof exterior is made of military grade aluminium alloy which not only protects the unit from damage but can also be used to strike your assailant.

See in the dark

The built-in LED flashlight not only will it illuminate the entire area at night, but it can also help to protect you. When shined in the eyes of an attacker, the ultra-bright light can have a temporary blinding effect making it easy for you to immobilize them with the stun gun or strike with the baton.
Its unique 3 light modes allow you to easily change between the light modes: 100% for full strength, 50% for conserving battery life, and Flashing Strobe for emergencies or self-defense.

It is Rechargeable

Recharging cord (included) plugs directly into a standard wall outlet to save you money on batteries.

This Self Defense Item is a Perfect Addition to Your Security Tools

The built-in belt clip allows you to clip onto your utility belt or hang it from your tool belt for immediate access. Perfectly balanced for quick action and sized to fit your needs, the Streetwise Stun Baton is a worthy companion for your protection.

This stun baton is so good at protecting you; it even saves you from yourself. It comes complete with a safety mechanism to keep you from accidentally triggering a shock while it is stored on your person.

Reduced Response Time

Having the highest stopping power on the market adds to your safety in other ways as well. The higher the voltage, the shorter the amount of time it takes to subdue an assailant and end the attack. When your life is at stake, every moment is precious, and that extra minute you save could mean the difference between your life and your death.

Other uses for the Streetwise Stun Baton include animal control officers on duty, especially when dealing with neighborhood calls for such problems as dog fighting, where you might encounter an animal more vicious than your average family pet. In this situation, that 19″ length gives you an added distance, adding a layer of protection between man and beast.

Other uses for the Streetwise Stun Baton include discouragement. All of our stun guns and stun batons can be made to test fire, producing a distinctive noise as the test prongs fire current from one to the other. On this model the noise is particularly impressive, and when used in combination with the size of the baton can discourage an attacker from following through with an attack, offering you’re an added layer of protection from engagement and harm.

Take advantage of the limited time low price and purchase this remarkable product now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I have to recharge the rechargeable unit?
Under normal use the unit will need to be recharged for eight hours every 60 days. If used frequently or the electrical current becomes noticeably weaker the unit will need to be recharged.9 million stopping power seems a little strong, is it necessary?
Yes. Theoretically, higher voltage means shorter time to immobilize an attacker. In other words, less confrontation time. You would want to have the highest power available if possible.Would 9 million stopping power stun gun cause more damage than other smaller voltage stun guns?
No, even though the voltage is higher, the current is still very low (about 3-milliamp amperage, just like other models) which makes this stun gun just as less lethal as other lower voltage models.Would this stun baton model give a little more advantage since it is longer?
Yes. This stun baton is 19.5 inches long. It would increase the distance between you and your attacker.Why would anyone choose a stun baton over a stun gun?
It’s really is just personal preference. The stun baton does provide a little better grip over other stun guns.Is it easy to carry?
This stun baton is 19.5 inches long. However, the weight is only 1 lb plus it comes with built-in belt clip and wrist strap for easy carrying.Has anyone purchased this item for dog control?
Yes. In fact, an animal control department in California uses this item for dog control. Their feedback is very positive.Would you recommend this item?
Yes, I would recommend this item if you are a security guard or in a similar line of work. This stun baton allows you to maintain a good distance from your attacker. It also provides a better grip then other models. However, since it is 19.5 inches long, it is not as easy to maneuver as other models.

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Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 19.5 in



Safety Switch

Tactical Flashlight


Built-In Wrist Strap


Built-In Metal Belt Clip


41 reviews for Street Wise Barbarian Stun Baton 19 Inches

  1. Island Animal

    Used for animal control .

  2. Ankur

    while traveling its very helpful is light in weight hence easy to carry.

  3. Dog Mom

    I bought this to protect myself and my dog from vicious dogs that occasionally attack us. So far it seems great although I haven’t had to use it yet (and hope I never will). The loud cracking sound hopefully will scare a dog or animal away and I won’t have to actually stun the animal.Two things I would like are written instructions in the box and the ability to have the flashlight on and still

  4. Terra, Protecte

    I absolutely love this product, as a female it is a very useful security tool. I feel confident being alone having this product!

  5. Fromanjon

    Just right for self defense. I actually had a chance to put this to use. I didn’t have to hit anyone but the terror it struck in some people that were following me made them leave, and I felt in a lot more control.

  6. Smizmar1390

    This product makes me feel safe wherever I go. I recently moved into some new apartments and my neighbor was robbed. Luckily my neighbor had this product and stunned him. The police came and low and behold he was responsible for a string of robberies in our area. Thank you so much for offering this product.

  7. Jmac


  8. Grandma

    I purchased these for my Daughters, single moms and felt it would be good to have at home when living alone.It is grate to have something that can stop a bad indented person and not kill.I wish there was something that would make it more child safe.

  9. Bogie

    The dual action with the front probes and metal strips.

  10. Safe Walker

    great product. Having been attacked by a dog this is the best non=leathal tool for the job. The high intensity electrical arc even gives off an ozone smell that says to animals “RUN AWAY NOW!” When tested on a human subject(recomended by local law enforcement you get zaped before you carry one to know the effects before using)all was as advertised.

  11. Susan The Walke

    Take it while walking–you don’t have to be afraid of stray dogs charging you.

  12. Linda

    I feel safer walking my tiny dogs. They often break from a tiny drop…but then I just order again. Can’t live without. They make great gifts too. Returning if problems is easy and no hassle.

  13. Kitten1965

    I mainly bought this products for strays dogs, that are running freely around in the park. I like to walk my dog in my free time, do not like being chased home by unknown animals! Well, so far I have not used it, thank God; but I unfortunately stunned myself slightly, by mistake showing my sister the product! It took an whole day to wear off, and it wasn’t the full blast! I ended up grabbing i

  14. Little Mamma

    I luckily haven’t used the baton yet, but I now feel my young son and I have protection. It’s hard to conceal, though the length is good for keeping distance between me and a vicious neighborhood dog.

  15. Empowered Mothe

    Our family was attacked by a pit bull a few weeks ago and my husband and two dogs received bite wounds. The pit bull literally broke through it’s back yard fence to attack and it took 4 grown men to contain the dog. This is our 4th dog attack in four years (all different dogs). After the first attack, we carried pet friendly pepper spray (which fended off an angry, loose Dalmation in the past)

  16. Texlegs

    Stops dog fight without getting in middle. Just make the noise and they separate. Havent had to zap em yet so dont know the effect of that. They seem to have a healthy respect for it without the pain.

  17. Ivy The Disable

    I have two dogs that like to fight. I’m disabled and don’t have the strenght to stop them. I bought the stun baton and used it. I shocked them each one time and they stopped fighting immediately. Love it. Thanks.

  18. Kiki The Mom

    I applaud Joe for his quick, professional, efficient corrections of my order. Now I’m good.

  19. James

    Great price point for product. Very satisfied. picked baton for several reasons, including energized baton in case bad guy grabs, no worry of ammo going through walls…very intimidating when fired, loud, bright, excellent deterrent.

  20. Keev.

    I own two stun guns, both bought from and i’m very happy with both of them. I also ordered one for my dad. The baton stun gun is my favorite.The funny thing about the baton stun gin is that my girlfriend stunned herself by accident when she first held it. She was holding the baton by the wrong end and pushed the “on” button… She now swears that it works good, and never

  21. Happy Club Owne

    We’ve used this product as a deterrent in our nightclub. The mere sound of it ‘crackling’ is enough to scare anyone even considering fighting. We’ve NEVER had to actually use it on anyone! Our patrons just simply avoid getting themselves into fights. This baton has spared not just our patrons from physical injury, but also our security staff from having to break up altercations. We are very proud

  22. Runner Chuck

    I run in the wee hours of the day, and need support from dogs, coyotes, etc.the baton is so light, I don’t realize I’m carrying while out on the street.

  23. Wim

    After two encounters with Pittbulls, I purchased this product to have peace of mind. I have not had to use it, but feel confident that it will do the job if I ever have to.

  24. R

    Excellent web page, very user friendly andvery quick acknowledgments and shipping

  25. Mail Man Dan

    I am a mailman that has the stun baton for safety from aggressive dogs when walkin mail on foot makes job worry free and it feels good to know I have a counter if any wild vicious pit bull or similar dog is loose on that day of duty:) had under arm on rainy day and it got little wet shorted it out I let it sit for day and dry then it started working again. Great item

  26. Dwarf

    I use this product while walking my dogs. We were attacked by a pit bull while walking. I was afraid to continue the walks so my husband had me order the stun baton. Best item ever!!! Just the noise will scare off another animal. I haven’t had to try it on a large dog yet, but small dogs turn and run if I make the noise. Gives me piece of mind that I am protected, and my animals are protecte

  27. Teacher

    Served it’s purpose…I gave it as a gift.

  28. L The Rollerbla

    I use it for my dogs’ and my protection from big, strong and aggressive dogs when walking and rollerblading around our neighborhood.

  29. Leeola

    This is a great product. I go running early in the morning and take this for security from either animal and human attacks. I also use this when walking my dog. I’ve had several loose dogs come to attack us and just by pressing the button, the sound alone was enough to deter the attacks. I’ve never made contact with anything and I hope I don’t have to but I feel safe running and walking with t

  30. Lady’S Owner

    I walk my dog at least 1 hour 3 times a week. We once encountered a dog that got loose and I had to hit it 5 times with a walking cane while the owners looked on. Felt that was not efficient. Now with our baton stun gun all i do now is Test fire it and the dog runs off. Have not had to actually touch one yet; but will not leave the house without it.

  31. Mike Giovo

    I purchased the stun baton because I was attacked by two pit bulls while walking my german shepherd. Thankfully no one was injured. After the incident I immediately went on line and found the stun baton. Now I have the protection I need for myself and my dog.

  32. Westernman

    I was walking a young puppy (7mo old) when a neighbors dog that their cleaning people had let out raced up and attacked my pup. He was cut under one eye before the owner was able to pull his dog off. I had tried ramming the dog and kicking at it but that is not of much use with my weakened condition from my disease.I bought the long stun baton to give me some reach and keep away from a dogs teet

  33. Bcs

    Purchased for my wife to carry when strolling our toddler. My main concern was dogs, but could clearly be used to fend off a human attacker too.

  34. Randy F

    I have purchased 5 different types of stun guns from Best and this is by far the coolest. I feel the safest with this one, whether I am in the car or on a walk with my wife. Keeps plenty of distance between me and the attacker, unlike the small models. It also has stainless steel strip electrodes along the sides which enable me to use it almost like a sword. Very, very cool.

  35. Randy F

    I have purchased 5 different types of stun guns from Best and this is by far the coolest. I feel the safest with this one, whether I am in the car or on a walk with my wife. Keeps plenty of distance between me and the attacker, unlike the small models. It also has stainless steel strip electrodes along the sides which enable me to use it almost like a sword. Very, very cool.

  36. Luvintkantj

    I am a single mom of two and I need protection. I do not feel comfortable carrying a gun but a stun gun is just right. It s just enough to let a predator know i mean business

  37. Free At Last

    I got the baton FAST, next day, and with the people next door having a pit bull I feel safe now, especially since I read the directions and found that even if the dog is touching me it won’t shock me, but WILL shock the dog…don’t get me wrong, it’s not the dog’s fault, it is the idiot owner’s fault for making an animal agressive, but doesn’t worry me now!

  38. J. The Mailman.

    I have been a Mailman for 32 years and have been bitten by dogs at least 25 times. The last time was the worst, I had to have surgery on my left hand and was out of work for two months. Recently on a Saturday a kid left his front door opened and 3 dogs came running at me. I turned on my 1000k stungun and two of the dogs immediatly ran back in the house and as I walked towards the third dog with t

  39. Keith

    Great product.

  40. King Henry

    The Stun baton is great. I work in nightclub security and one of the venues I oversee age limit is 18 & up. They often get rowdy and on occasions will fight. I hold my stun baton and the sound alone scares the patrons from participating in any fights.

  41. Mom Of 4 Dogs :

    I purchased this stun baton because i walk my dogs. We have been harassed by other loose dogs on different occasions, and it has terrified me. My mother walks too, and she has arthritis to where she cannot use tiny little devices easily. We used to carry pepper spray, but who knows how good it would stand against the huge vicious territorial dogs we come across on our walks. The baton is ver

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