Bear Self-Defense

When in bear country, it is a good practice to be armed. You must accept that you’re no longer at the top of the food chain when there are bears around. While most bears don’t want any trouble as they usually leave the area when they sense the presence of humans, this is not always the case. You should be prepared to defend yourself or your loved ones if you get into a dangerous situation. An excellent non-lethal weapon should be part of your defense plan. Prevention is better than confrontation. Don’t let a bear approach you or attack you. Make sure your non-lethal self-defense tool is immediately accessible. The most important thing to do is to practice with your weapon. Remember that everything will happen in 3 or 4 seconds and you should feel confident enough with your self-defense product to use it effectively. Use your brain, take a few necessary precautions, and carry a bear pepper spray as well as stun guns all the time.

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