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  • guard alaska bear pepper spray

    Guard Alaska 9 oz Bear Pepper Spray Repellent

    $ 49.25

    Explore the wilderness while staying safe against bear attacks. Guard Alaska Bear Repellent is a pepper spray designed to provide you with 20 feet of range, safety and protection from all kinds of bears and other wildlife. It is EPA approved and safe for the environment.

    • Maximum firing range of 20 feet
    • Ultra hot pepper spray specifically formulated for bears and other wildlife
    • Proven effective in the wilds of Alaska
    • Environmentally safe
    • Guard Alaska 9 Ounces Bear Pepper Spray Repellent does not come with its own holster but fits perfectly in our 9 oz. Pepper Spray Holster
  • Sale! streetwise barbarian stun security batonbaton flashlight

    Street Wise Barbarian Stun Baton 19 Inches

    $ 89.25

    The Street Wise 9 MILLION volt stun baton is an ideal self defense weapon to protect you from dogs or wild animals. Because of its long 19.5″ length it keeps you a save distance from your attacker – providing you with ample power to stun them so you can get safely away.

    The Baton is not for concealment, but with its built in wrist strap and belt clip it is easy to take with you on hikes, walks, park runs, or when you go camping.

    The Stun Baton is also great for keeping by your bed in case there is a break-in in the middle of the night. The built in 3 Watt LED helps shine the way in a dark house, while the huge voltage provides plenty of stopping power.

    • 9 Million Volt Stopping Power
    • Perfect for Animal Control
    • Lifetime Warranty
  • Sale! emergency dispatch feature on smartphonehigh voltage taser infographic

    TASER Pulse+

    $ 449.00

    The new Taser Pulse+ is a high-quality weapon engineered to reach an attacker from up to 15 feet away and immobilize them, giving you enough time to make a safe escape.

    • TASER Self-Defense x Noonlight mobile integration – The Noonlight immediately dispatches law enforcement to the location of the user if the trigger is pulled, using real-time GPS tracking provided via the Noonlight mobile application. The Noonlight app is FREE for the first month after activation and requires a monthly Noonlight Premium membership after 30 days at $9.99/month.
    • Stay connected – As long as the Pulse+ device is within range of your mobile phone, it will be connected – even if the safety is in the on position.
    • Effective up close – Contact stun capabilities help at close range or in the event of a missed shot.
    • Mobile Requirements – iOS app supports iOS 8+ and Android app supports API level 19+ (Android 4.4 KitKat). The Noonlight app is free for the first month after activation and requires a monthly Noonlight Premium membership after 30 days at $9.99/month.
    • Shaved safeties – Eliminate poking when discreetly carried close to the body
    • Angled iron sights – Prevent snagging on clothing when drawing from a holster
    • Sloped trigger guard – Makes discreet holstering easier
    • Targeting laser – Makes target acquisition easy
    • Replaceable 15’ cartridge – Keeps the attacker at a safe distance
    • High visibility flashlight – helps identify friend or foe in the dark
    • FREE shipping
  • taser x2 solid profiletaser x2 angle view

    Taser X2 Handheld Stun Gun Pistol Weapon

    $ 1,699.99

    The TASER X2 provides double the knock-down power than previous self-defense tools from TASER.

    • Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) – Temporarily overrides the central nervous system of an attacker, limiting muscular control for 5 seconds.
    • Immediate Back-up Shot – Eliminates the need to reload.
    • Class 3A Laser targeting – Paired with a powerful LED flashlight – Never miss a target.
    • 15-foot safety range – Provides enough space to make a safe escape.
    • Contact Stun – Gives added self-defense protection on those close encounters – Engages contact stun while loaded and without firing.
    • Blackhawk Holster – Kydex holster ensures comfortable and secure carrying – The same one trusted by law enforcement.
    • Long-Life Replaceable Battery – Giving more than 50 firings, the X2 is ready when you need it.
    • Legal to Own, Legal to CarryNo license needed in most states.
  • Sale! activation button hiking staff stun gunman demonstrating hiking stun staff used compact or extended

    ZAP Hike ‘n Strike

    $ 149.95

    Featuring ZAP’S Exclusive “EXTREME” Spike Electrodes

    • Perfect self-protection weapon for camping, hiking or just walking
    • Secure, rubber coated, non-slip molded grip
    • Weight 18 oz. with batteries
    • FREE 3 lithium CR123A batteries, wrist strap, extra end cap and removable reflective band
    • A “Must Have” for your outdoor accessory

    Triple Protection: a 950,000 Volt stun gun, a striking weapon with spike electrodes and an ultra-bright LED flashlight!

    Closed Length is 29″, Extends to 56″