Electra Lipstick Stun Gun

Personal safety should be one of our primary concerns in the present environment where crime rates have increased at an alarming rate in the U.S. – especially against women. Women are being targeted, and a large percentage can be attributed to rape and sexual assault. Safety is always in our minds, but we only talk about it after something terrible happens. While we are aware of the danger, we still tend to think that becoming a victim will not happen to us. This mindset will not help us in a fight for survival as it will just make you complacent of the danger that is waiting to happen.

Fortunately, you can do something to prevent yourself from being a victim of violence.

  • Keep a weapon within grasp or in a pocket while making yourself aware of your surroundings.
  • Stay in areas familiar to you or get a companion familiar to the area.
  • Never take shortcuts to a place you’re not familiar.
  • Avoid dark and secluded areas when possible.
  • Always lock your car even if you leave it for a few minutes. Someone may crawl into your car and wait for your return.
  • When returning to your car, check your backseats.
  • Have your keys at the ready when walking back to your vehicle.
  • When running errands, lock your doors the moment you enter your car and don’t linger. Be ready to drive off.
  • When stranded on the side of the road with your car, call for help in a slightly lowered window. Ask a stranger to call the police or let them know the police are already coming. Do not just open your car window in full and talk to a stranger.
  • In social situations, never leave your drink unattended.
  • When being attacked, you should find a way to injure the attacker and get the upper hand to either run to safety or win the fight.

Electra Lipstick Stun Gun – Concealable Self Defense Weapon For Women

The Guard Dog Electra Lipstick Stun Gun is the ultimate concealable personal defense weapon that helps you either avoid a fight, or win it if necessary. Prevention of a confrontation is ideal, but when worse comes to worst, it’s fight or flight. You need a weapon that you can carry conveniently. This beautiful compact lipstick container is designed to be a self-defense powerhouse for women.

The sound of the 3 million volts in the Electra is often enough to change the plan of an attacker with any sense. If the volt-trashing sound does not intimidate the assailant, the power of the stun gun certainly will! The Guard Dog Electra is also equipped with a powerful 100-lumen flashlight that can be seen from yards away. It can serve as a compact flashlight. No need to carry a separate flashlight as the Electra will do that job. When shined directly to the eyes, it can temporarily disorient the would-be attacker and allow you time to get to safety.

One Of The Most Recognized American Self Defense Brands

Guard Dog Security, the brand that carries the Electra Lipstick Stun Gun, is one of the most respected brands in self-defense products. The Guard Dog Electra is proudly made in the USA. The brand has built an excellent reputation in making self-defense items to protect any civilians. The Electra Lipstick Stun Gun is specially designed for women for everyday use to protect yourself and loved ones. As violent crime against women is increasing, the need for a self-protection weapon is at an all-time high. Guard Dog is committed to providing the protection that you need in the form of Electra Lipstick Stun Gun. Guard Dog beautifully crafted the Electra to be as compact as possible so that women can carry it anywhere.

Another great thing about the Guard Dog Security brand is its exclusive Concealed Stun Technology – no visible prongs means you have somewhat of an element of surprise when defending yourself. Guard Dog Security is also a brand known for its durability, and the Electra is no exception as it comes with a lifetime warranty. On top of that, Guard Dog Security values their customer so much, so they are offering a simple product exchange process with their 100% Satisfaction Policy for you to buy with confidence. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the product that you purchased, contact Guard Dog, and they are more than willing to listen and happily recommend an alternate product for you.

Guard Dog Electra Lipstick Stun Gun Features

Now that you know the excellent background behind the Electra let’s go over the specific features of the Electra.

  • High Voltage Compact Stun Gun – With a touch of a button, the 3,000,000 volts can scare anyone away with its electrifying sound alone.
  • 100 Lumen Flashlight – Brighter than any standard flashlight, the Electra provides illumination up to 50 yards away.
  • Exclusive Concealed Inner Stun Technology – Unlike the traditional stuns where prongs are visible; the Electra is equipped with hidden prongs. No one will ever know what’s coming with this innovative design. This technology makes the Electra flashlight ideal for everyday use.
  • Equipped with Keychain – Clip it on to your keys for easy and instant use of stun capability and flashlight.
  • Looks and Feels Like Real Lipstick – Make use of the element of surprise to your advantage as the attacker won’t know what’s in store for them.
  • Up to 100,000 Hour Bulb Life – The bulb has a life-cycle of up to 100,000 hours.
  • Rechargeable battery – The Electra Lipstick Stun Flashlight is rechargeable. No need to constantly replace batteries.

The Results You Will Get From Guard Dog Electra Lipstick Stun Gun

With the Electra Lipstick Stun Gun, you have a powerful stun device with you that is discreet and practical to carry. You can use the intimidating sound to scare the attacker. If the attacker still wants to come closer despite knowing that you are not an easy target, make them regret their action with the high voltage jolt of your Electra. Other benefits of the Electra are the following:

  • The Electra does not cause permanent harm – While it is designed to stop an attacker on their tracks, it will not kill your target. So, you won’t become one of the gun owners who are just defending themselves but still have to face court cases.
  • The Electra does not require perfect aim – Electra is much more likely to render your assailant powerless without having a perfect aim. As long as the stun area of it comes into contact with the assailant, you will have a good chance to gain advantage and run to safety.
  • Does Not Need A Permit – Most states and cities allow civilians to own and use stun guns without going through paperwork and background checks. Check with your state laws.
  • The Electra Is Safer For Your Family – If a family member misuses the stun gun, it won’t likely cost them their lives.
  • Easy To Carry – The Electra is compact and concealable. You can easily slip it into your handbag or glove compartment and quickly grab it when needed.


The Electra Lipstick Stun Flashlight is a must have for any women out there. The self-defense stun weapon is a combination of three factors: the bright flashlight, which is impossible to look at directly, the electrifying and intimidating noise, which can stop any attacker in their tracks, and finally, the powerful electric shock that can deliver excruciating pain. The Electra is very portable and will fit a purse of any size or in the pocket. It has about the same size of a lipstick, probably slightly bigger than some lipsticks – but it is undoubtedly light and not bulky. I would highly recommend the Electra Lipstick Stun Gun to women of all ages.

What to Watch Out For

Before purchasing your Electra Lipstick Stun Gun with LED flashlight, it is vital to research and be aware of any laws about stun gun use. Not every area in the U.S. considers the use of stun guns legal, while others allow stun gun use but with legal restrictions. Check with your local law enforcement agency to verify that carrying and using a stun device like the Electra is legal in your area. Sales of stun guns are prohibited in Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Washington DC and Annapolis, MD. Sales are restricted in Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin. For more information about stun gun laws, please visit https://www.beststungun.com/stun-gun-laws/.

Buying Advice

You need to ensure that you only buy the Electra from an authorized distributor to have peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing the authentic one. I bought mine at https://www.beststungun.com/product/electra-lipstick-stun-gun/. This online store offers the Electra at a discounted price. I bought three units and got free shipping. They are also committed to having their customers love their shopping experience with their 3-month money back guarantee. You have nothing to risk, yet everything to gain. They have over 10 years experience in the self-protection industry. If you are unsure of the self-defense equipment that best suits you, you can contact them through email at https://www.beststungun.com/customer-support/. When you buy the Electra from https://www.beststungun.com/, you’ll also enjoy the Guard Dog Lifetime Warranty.


Owning the Electra Lipstick Stun Gun gives you peace of mind and puts your safety back in your hands. The Electra is safe and very easy to use. Simply ensure that you get it from an authorized dealer, such as beststungun.com. If something should happen to you, you can rest assured that the Electra will function as it should, enabling you to get to safety. The Electra is a non-lethal weapon, so you don’t have to worry about moral issues between taking a life and keeping yourself safe. Women are assaulted, mugged, and raped across the country and the number is increasing year after year. Do not become a statistic. Buy the Electra today!

Streetwise Triple Defender Stun Baton Flashlight Review

Crime has always been a problem and only feels like it’s getting worse. You might have just recently heard news about a crime happening near your home or office and are wondering what you can do to protect yourself. You should take your personal safety very seriously, especially if you are prone to working late or enjoy having an early morning jog. When it comes to your self-protection, it is ideal to protect yourself from a distance if possible. If you want to know how to stay ahead of your attacker using a self-defense gear that requires no legal papers to possess in most states, then read on.

Streetwise Triple Defender Stun Baton

The Streetwise Triple Defender Stun Baton will keep attackers at bay while giving yourself a safe distance from their grasp. Keeping a safe distance from your attacker is not an easy task but with the help of the Triple Defender Stun Baton, defending yourself is as easy as 1-2-3! This self-defense equipment is a staggering 16-inches long, providing you a safe distance away from the attacker.

The stun baton will not only protect you from human attacks but dog attacks as well. The sound of the stun baton is often enough to scare would-be attackers, be it humans or dogs. If the powerful sound is not enough, then the attackers will regret coming nearer to you as they will be met with volt-trashing stun capability of the Streetwise Triple Defender.

The Triple Defender is under the Streetwise brand, known for its mission and values to empower people through high-quality personal protection weapons backed with a lifetime warranty. Streetwise has been in the business of personal defense weapons for nearly 30 years. The brand has continually maintained an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Why Triple Defender?

The Triple Defender Stun Baton got its name from what it can offer to the user, and that is a triple threat self-defense tool. It is designed to keep you safe in any situation.

  • A Knock-Down Blow – The powerful stun capability of the self-defense baton can stop a would-be attacker. Just activate the stun button and press it while pointing the unit in the air. It will create a powerful, loud noise that is often enough to scare away the assailant. The bright electric current pulsates across the top. An attacker will likely think twice about pursuing their plans against you. If the sight and sound are not enough to stop an assailant, the jolt of the baton will meet them to knock them out.
  • Blinding LED Light – Disorient and impair the vision of your attacker with 320 lumens of light. Just shine the light directly into the assailant’s eyes to cause several seconds of disorientation and impaired vision. The flashlight function has five light modes. The strobe capability can disorient an attacker and provide you enough time to run to safety.
  • Military-Grade Aluminum Baton – To offer you the extra confidence of your self-defense item, the stun baton is crafted with military-grade aluminum. You also have the option to strike your attacker with the metal baton.

Streetwise Triple Defender Stun Baton Features

  • Weather Resistant – Defend yourself in any weather condition as the Streetwise Triple Defender Stun Baton has an IP 64 rating.
  • 380 Lumens – The ultra-bright LED provides not only protection but also visibility. No need to carry a separate flashlight to illuminate dark areas.
  • Adjustable Zoom – The light beam adjusts from a spot to a flood with just a simple twist.
  • Long Hours Of Use – Never charge too often as the Triple Defender can last up to 20 hours of use from a single charge.
  • Five Light Modes – Strobe, SOS, Low, Medium, and Maximum. The LOW and Medium can be used to extend battery life if the situation does not require the maximum, strobe and SOS. The strobe light mode can blind an attacker while the SOS can signal for help in an emergency.
  • Rubberized Handle – Keep the unit more secure in your hand with the comfortable grip and attached lanyard.
  • Rechargeable – Never buy batteries when low of power. Just recharge the self-protection weapon to a wall outlet, and you are good to go.
  • Solid Construction – Military-grade aluminum alloy provides durability and lightness in weight.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Streetwise is very confident of the baton’s construction, so they are giving it a lifetime warranty.

What To Expect

Having the Triple Defender Stun Baton will give you a longer reach and safer distance from your attacker than carrying a traditional stun gun. The power of the 27 million volts in the baton is more than enough to change the mind of an attacker or disable them with the mighty jolt. The Triple Defender is convenient and easy to use. The handle is rubberized to help you have a secure grip. The attached lanyard also ensures your grip. And since it is made of military-grade aluminum, it is lightweight, yet as solid as steel. When you make contact with the attacker’s body, they will surely feel the pain.


This is one of the strongest stun batons I’ve ever owned. The noise from it alone should deter any would-be attackers. It is surprisingly lightweight, but I can feel the baton has sturdy construction. The Triple Defender is a powerful self-defense weapon. Since I’ve had this self-defense stun baton, I feel safe and secure when I’m out and about. I keep it very close to me as part of my home security and car self-defense in addition to a few other legal self-defense weapons. The stun baton is inexpensive, and the benefits of it are more than what I paid.

I also tried the baton to repel dogs, and it did not disappoint me. I test fired the personal protection baton in the evening to stray dogs, and it sent them running. I also bought one for my wife who often walks our dog in our neighborhood that sometimes has loose dogs. A stray charged at her last fall, and she was able to scare it away without hurting it with the Triple Defender, and I am more than thankful for that!

Before Buying The Triple Defender Stun Baton

The first thing you want to make sure is whether stun devices are legal in your area. A more detailed explanation can be found at this link: Stun Gun Laws. Be sure that the stun baton fits your self-protection needs and you are comfortable to use it when the need crops up. Is the 16-inch long baton something you need or a smaller, concealable alternative? You may want to check other quality stun guns at this link Best Stun Guns. The Triple Defender Stun Baton is large and difficult to conceal. It is ideal for anyone who wants the added security of fending off an assailant from a distance, or to keep in your car for emergencies.

Buying Advice

If you want the best deal of the Streetwise Triple Defender Stun Baton, you can check at https://www.beststungun.com/product/triple-defender-27000000-stun-baton-flashlight/. The Best Stun Gun online store has been in the business for over 10 years. If for some reason, you damage the Triple Defender Stun Baton, they will honor the lifetime warranty. Either your unit will get repaired or get replaced with a new one. Another great thing is you have nothing to risk, yet everything to gain. You are welcome to try the Triple Defender for a full three months. If you don’t like the stun baton or damage it, the Best Stun Gun online store will exchange it or refund your money. I got my two Triple Defender Stun Batons without a shipping fee. It’s an excellent store for non-lethal weapons!


The Triple Defender Stun Baton is a safe and effective non-lethal self-defense weapon. It does not cause any permanent damage to an attacker. It is an excellent alternative to handguns, which are lethal and have severe ramifications. Most states allow carrying the Triple Defender Stun Baton without a permit of some kind. Before buying the stun baton, be sure it is legal where you live. If in doubt, contact your local police department. Get the Streetwise Triple Defender Stun Baton only at an authorized dealer to enjoy the privilege of the lifetime warranty. For your total peace of mind, buy only at beststungun.com.

Streetwise Small Fry Stun Flashlight Review

Stories about violence and human rights violations are rampant in our world today. It does not seem safe or wise anymore to go out at night and wander the streets. Unfortunately, there will always be those with ill-intentions lying in wait to pounce. It is so stressful worrying that you might become a victim. That’s why it is a good idea for you to carry a self-defense weapon whenever you leave your home. With a personal protection weapon, you will have confidence knowing that you are covered.

The Stun Gun That Is More Practical Than A Firearm

When it comes to self-defense products, Streetwise Small Fry Stun Gun Flashlight is one of the most trusted non-lethal weapons on the market today. This self-defense weapon is more practical than a gun in many ways. Streetwise Small Fry Stun Gun is inexpensive, and you can get it at https://www.beststungun.com/product/small-fry-8800000-stun-gun-flashlight-black/. No training necessary and no registration or paperwork required to own one in almost all areas in the U.S.

The Small Fry Stun Gun Flashlight is lightweight and compact so that you can carry it with you anywhere. You can easily carry it in your pocket or in a small purse with no problem. The Small Fry Stun Gun will temporarily disable an attacker and provide you time to run to safety. It is very popular on the market today and most, if not all, customers are very satisfied with this compact electric stun gun.

Trusted Brand Self-Defense Weapon Market

The Streetwise brand is one of the most highly respected in non-lethal self-defense in the U.S. The brand is known for non-lethal self-defense and specifically female self-defense. In their almost three decades in innovating security products, they have built a reputation as one of the most reliable and dependable self-protection weapon brands in the country. A measure of that dependability and reliability, the Streetwise Small Fry Stun Flashlight has a guaranteed lifetime warranty. The manufacturer limited lifetime warranty can maximize your safety with the powerful Small Fry Flashlight Stun Gun.

One Of The Best Close Range Self Defense Weapons

The sound of the Small Fry is far more powerful than its size. This little guy packs a big punch. The crackling and electrifying noise of the stunning capability is often enough to scare away any potential attacker. If the sound doesn’t deter them, then a jolt from it certainly will. The Small Fry Stun Gun Flashlight emits up to 8,800,000 volts of stopping power. Without a doubt, the Small Fry is one of the best mini stun guns available today.

If you needed any more convincing, check out these other stats for the Small Fry Stun Gun Flashlight:

  • Size – The Streetwise Small Fry Stun Gun Flashlight is small and compact, making it very convenient to carry and conceal in your pocket or small purse.
  • Safety Switch – You do not have to worry about accidental discharge as it has three levels of safety. Before the stun gun operates, the disable pin should be inserted, the function selector switch should be set to stun mode, and lastly, the stun activation button must be pressed.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Not all stun guns have this lifetime warranty. With Streetwise Small Fry Stun Gun Flashlight, you can maximize your safety.
  • Built-in Charger – No need to worry about losing or misplacing your charger as the Small Fry self defense stun gun flashlight has a built-in charger. The slide-out plug on this personal protection weapon allows easy charging. Simply plug into a standard wall outlet. No cords to keep up with!
  • Bright LED Flashlight – The Small Fry is also good for everyday carry to illuminate dark areas. No need to take a separate heavy, bulky flashlight.
  • Rubberized Armor Coating – It adds durability to the unit and ensures a firm grip.

Why Was The Small Fry Stun Gun Flashlight Created?

The Small Fry was designed to offer civilians a practical personal defense weapon. Indeed, this is true in many aspects. The self-defense tool is inexpensive, lightweight, volt-trashing, and has no cost of ammunition. It offers the best portable form of overall self-defense you can buy. Another great thing about the Small Fry is that it provides a reliable deterrent as most criminals can audibly hear the power of it from a distance.

Why Is The Small Fry Stun Flashlight Better Than Competing Products?

  • A sudden burst of the stun capability in a quiet parking garage can send someone packing.
  • It has a safety pin that is attached to the wristband. If the attacker tries to pull the electric gun out of your hand, the pin will come out, and the stun gun won’t work at all. The stun gun use is just for you, and the assailant won’t be able to operate it once the safety pin is pulled.
  • It charges quicker than competing brands. The Small Fry has a smart design with built-in prongs for recharging, so there are no cords to worry about or keep track. It provides convenience if you have cats and puppies that chew on any small wires.
  • It is easy to carry with you.
  • It holds its charge for a long time.
  • It has a flashlight capability. No need to carry bulky flashlights.


I work late at night and have to walk in a dark, desolated parking lot to get in my car after work. The Small Fry Stun Flashlight has tremendously heightened my sense of security. When test firing this self-defense weapon, it produced an intimidating electrical sound that, for me, should be enough to ward off most assailants with any sense. I am particularly amazed to know that the unit charged rather rapidly, faster than my old stun gun with the same size. When I bought the Small Fry, I had puppies that loved to chew all sorts of cords. Good thing this unit has built-in prongs for recharging. All I need to do is to slide out the prongs and charge the device to the wall outlet. All in all, I am pleased with the Small Fry.

What To Watch Out For?

The Small Fry is designed to be a non-lethal weapon, but you should bear in mind that it can also be sometimes lethal depending on the health condition of the person being hit with the stun capability. It should be kept away from children at all times, as the Small Fry is a weapon and a powerful one at that. In the case of any malfunctions with your product, the Small Fry does come with a lifetime warranty. You can always send it back to the seller and request for a new one as long as you buy only from an authorized dealer. I recommend the Best Stun Gun online store the most.

Buying Advice

The Small Fry is definitely a great buy. It is lightweight and easy to carry, yet despite its small size, it packs a punch. This self-protection weapon should not be taken lightly as the charge it delivers is so powerful. The Small Fry is a serious piece of defense weapon. I highly recommend this volt-trashing stun gun. Be sure to get it from an authorized Streetwise dealer to enjoy the lifetime warranty and customer support like the Best Stun Gun (BSG) online store. BSG is one of the oldest authorized distributors of all Streetwise products. Its vast network of product sourcing saves their customers’ time and money with the assurance of the lowest possible prices in the marketplace.


Always be aware of your surroundings day or night even if you feel you are in a friendly neighborhood. If anyone is stalking you, you can let them know that you won’t be an easy target by firing the Small Fry in the air. The intimidating sound will most likely ward off a would-be attacker. The Small Fry is an excellent buy considering its power and lifetime warranty. Be sure to get it at an authorized distributor. You can get one for the best price at https://www.beststungun.com/product/small-fry-8800000-stun-gun-flashlight-black/.

Guard Dog Katana Stun Flashlight Review

The right to defend ourselves is a fundamental human right. We are constantly bombarded with stories of crime and violence across the globe. If you work late at night or walk to your car after work in a deserted parking lot, the chances of becoming a victim are getting higher. Even if you are living in a generally safe neighborhood, there are bound to be people making wrong decisions and breaking the law somewhere nearby. Continue reading

Women’s Safety: How to Stay Safe While Traveling Alone

stun gun for women safety when traveling aloneNowadays it’s not uncommon for women to want to travel alone, but how can they do something they enjoy while still being safe?

Over recent months the subject of travelling alone has come under the spotlight, particularly in New Delhi, after the fatal gang-rape of an Indian student and the sexual assault of a South Korean woman. While US travel advisories have issued warnings to women to not travel alone others have gone so far as to recommend that women forgo travelling alone at all. Knowing the crime rate in different countries can often help when it comes to planning so you know what areas to avoid. Continue reading

Will a Stun Gun Offer Protection?

stun gun for protectionIn the 21st century, how does one go about protecting themselves from harm? Granted there are firearms that one can purchase; however, these come with their own, often fatal, ramifications.

As such there are more people turning their attention to the wide variety of stun guns, TASERS, pepper spray and alarms when it comes to maintaining their safety without worrying about the implications.

Last year, there were over 1.2 million violent crimes committed nationwide according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but while this may have seen a 3.8 percent decrease on 2010 figures, the number is still a high one that needs to be tackled. Continue reading

What to do if You Find a Burglar in Your Home

taser against burglarFor countless home owners their home is their safe haven, a place for them to escape from their otherwise chaotic lives. For this reason no one wants their home to be targeted by burglars, but it does happen. Here we look at what to do if you are confronted by a thief in your home.

It’s late at night and you are in bed when you hear glass breaking downstairs. With your heart thundering in your throat you realize that someone is breaking into your home. What do you do? Continue reading

What Stun Gun Rights Does a Resident Have in Florida?

stun gun laws in floridaWhen it comes to a person’s safety and their rights each state has different requirements and laws in place. This is why it’s a good idea to know exactly what where your legalities stand when owning a stun gun in the state of Florida for your protection.

In Florida it is legal to own and carry a stun gun; however, before purchasing one it is important for residents to bear in mind that there are also restrictions in place.

In order for a resident of Florida to purchase a stun gun legally they must first apply for a license the same way they would if they were applying for a handgun license. Those applying for a license must prove that they are legal residents of the state, at least 21 years of age and can prove their competency with the device. Once applications have been submitted they can take up to 90 days provided all documentation has been correctly received by the state.

Under Statute 790.01 of the Carrying Concealed Weapons law “a person who carries a concealed weapon or electric weapon or device on or about his or her person commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.”

However, under Statute 790.04 “it is not a violation of this section for a person to carry for purposes of lawful self-defense, in a concealed manner:

(a) A self-defense chemical spray, and;

(b) A nonlethal stun gun or dart-firing stun gun or other nonlethal electric weapon or device that is designed solely for defensive purposes.”

Another factor to bear in mind is the Concealed Carry Reciprocity. This is a comprehensive list of the states with up-to-date information regarding changes to firearm laws in states and attempts to negotiate agreements as the laws in those states allow.

For example, as recently as April 25th, 2013, Washington no longer honors a Florida concealed weapon licence and since February 4th, 2013, Pennsylvania stopped honoring a Florida concealed weapon license if the holder of the licence was not a resident of the state of Florida.

When traveling through different states it is important for licence holders to know that they are subject to the laws of that state and if the state they are traveling through no longer honors a weapons license they are committing a misdemenor. Consequently, depending on the state you travel through you may find you have to do more research and planning to see what you are legally permitted to carry. For many of the states this also applies to self defense devices such as stun guns and pepper spray.

What Are the Stun Gun Laws in Mississippi?

stun gun laws in mississippiCan you carry a stun gun in Mississippi legally without a permit? Are you allowed to carry the device when flying? We answer these questions here.

When it comes to a person’s protection it is a good idea to know what you are entitled to, what you are not and what devices you can use to provide a greater sense of security. Stun guns have become a widely used self defense device for members of the public and police departments. However, while not all states permit the use of stun guns for public use Mississippi does.

In Mississippi, it is legal to own and carry a stun gunwithout acquiring a permit. One thing to bear in mind, though, is that individuals who have a history of mental illness or felony charges may find themselves denied owning a stun gun. If, however, you do not have a mental illness or felony charges, then the individual must be over the age of 18.

Another matter to think about regards flying. If you are flying to or from Mississippi, it is illegal to carry a stun gun without the proper certification. Nor is it legal to carry a stun gun into schools, law enforcement centers or federal establishments.

Those found carrying stun guns who are not permitted to, such as minors, intoxicated individuals and convicted felons, face a fine between $100 and $500 or between 30 days to six months in prison. In extreme cases, jail time may range from one year to five years.