How Stun Gun Works

Stun Guns work by basically generating “electrical noise” that the sensory nervous system interprets as pain or discomfort. This “noise” interrupts the electrical signals that communicate messages back and forth from the brain to the rest of the body. Like communication traveling over the internet or telephone system, these communication messages run through nerve cells that branch throughout your body. They carry information from the brain about how the muscles should move or from your finger tips back to the brain telling how something feels.

The basic idea of the stun gun is to confuse this communication system by delivering a high voltage (very fast) combined with a low amperage (low intensity) charge to temporarily confuse the attacker’s nervous system which eventually leads to disable an attacker for several minutes (depending on the attacker’s body strength, mentality and pain tolerance). The high voltage allows the charge to quickly pass through clothing and skin, but the low 3-milliamp amperage is not intense enough to damage the attacker’s body (unless applied for an extended period of time). Therefore, unlike lightening with high amperage, the electricity from a stun gun is non lethal.

best stun gun current comparison

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How Pepper Spray Works

Pepper Spray vs. Mace

If you’re not sure what the differences between Mace, and pepper spray are, you’re not alone. Nowadays pepper spray and Mace are often used interchangeable; however, they are ultimately different substances. Below are differences to look out for which should help to determine which device is the best for your protection needs.

pepper spray for self defense

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The Stun Gun Laws in Pennsylvania

UPDATE: Stun devices are now LEGAL in ENTIRE Pennsylvania

buy a taser in pennIn this article we look to see what the stun gun laws in Pennsylvania are and whether or not a person is legally entitled to own the device for protection.

The ownership of a stun gun in the state of Pennsylvania is permitted, but depending on where you are it is also prohibited.

Under Pennsylvania law 908.1 it allows the possession of a stun gun in any part of the state barring Philadelphia as this is one of the cities that falls under the designated illegal areas. Under Statute 10-825 it is illegal to carry any type of firearm or stun gun into the city of Philadelphia. Anyone who is found violating this law is subject to a $300 fine and the possibility of up to 90 days in jail.

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Stun Guns & Tasers for Self Defense in 2019

Have you decided to take self protection serious? Good For You! The choices of self defense though can be overwhelming for sure! Should you get a Stun Gun or a Taser – what’s the difference? What’s best for you? Have no fear – this is the Ultimate Guide in explaining what a stun gun is, the best stun gun of 2019, and help in finding what is best for you.

Hang on tight – by the end of this article you’ll be ready to defend yourself! 🙂

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The Stun Gun Laws in Indiana

stun gun laws in IndianaIt’s important to know if you can or cannot carry a stun gun for protection in different states. Here we look at the legality of stun guns in Indiana.

In the state of Indiana as they are not considered firearms it is legal to purchase and own a stun gun for protection. Under Section 5, IC 35-47-8-5 it states that “a person eighteen years of age or over may purchase or possess a stun gun.”

However, it’s important to realize that stun guns are different from TASERS, which come under different rules. In order to obtain a TASER legally, the individual will first need to acquire a handgun licence.

In Indiana, a citizen must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a stun gun.

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Does Washington State Have a Self Defense Law?

self defense with a stun gunIs it legal for a person to protect themselves from harm in Washington State with lethal force? We find out here.

In Washington State you do not have a duty to retreat first if you have to defend yourself from harm. UnderRCW 9A.16.050, it states that a person has the common law right to resist unlawful arrest with the use of deadly force including killing a police office in self defense if their live is threatened.

As long as you are anywhere you legally have the right to be and are not engaged in unlawful activity you can employ deadly force to protect yourself, your spouse, family member or someone in your company, when you reasonably believe you or another is facing imminent death or great personal injury.

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Stun Guns For Seniors

Stun Guns for Stopping Home Intruders

Seniors and disabled citizens are sadly often violent crime victims due to their vulnerabilities and reduced self-defense capacities. Many of them are either living alone or with their spouse. It is not uncommon for seniors to alter their lifestyles for fear of being victimized. They are scared to perform their normal daily activities like going to the grocery store, walking their dogs, or going to the park. Many of them are even afraid to leave their homes after dark.

Seniors and the disabled need an easy and effective way to protect themselves. Stun guns and TASER devices could be the answer. Most stun guns and TASER devices can easily take down someone who is much stronger and faster than you.

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Laws Regarding Stun Guns in South Dakota

buy stun guns in south dakotaThe state of South Dakota allows individuals to own stun guns in order for them to defend themselves without the need to first obtain a permit or license to carry the device in the first place. However, while these may seem to be relaxed laws, there are other laws in place that produce stiff penalties for those who employ stun guns to harm others.

In South Dakota it is legal for a person to purchase a stun gun provided that they are over the age of 18 and can be purchased from a number of locations including sporting goods stores that provide hunting equipment, gun shops and supermarkets. According to the website for the South Dakota legislature, a stun gun is defined “as any battery powered electric device that employs pulse electricity with little to no amperage…”

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Electra Lipstick Stun Gun

Personal safety should be one of our primary concerns in the present environment where crime rates have increased at an alarming rate in the U.S. – especially against women. Women are being targeted, and a large percentage can be attributed to rape and sexual assault. Safety is always in our minds, but we only talk about it after something terrible happens. While we are aware of the danger, we still tend to think that becoming a victim will not happen to us. This mindset will not help us in a fight for survival as it will just make you complacent of the danger that is waiting to happen.

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