Car Defense Protection

Whether you are taking a road trip or running to the grocery store, your car should be home to non-lethal self-defense weapons because personal assaults and carjacking crimes are on the rise. You need to bring effective crime deterrents, such as pepper spray, stun guns and Tasers, which are usually enough to ward off a strike. These self-defense products are legal to carry without a permit in most areas in the U.S. They fit easily into vehicle glove compartments, underneath your seat, close to your seat, or purse. While it is best to avoid trouble whenever possible, that is not an option in some situations. You need to gain an advantage against your attacker the soonest possible time to safely get out of trouble and ask for help. We highly suggest making a self defense plan with your preferred personal defense weapons. Our collections of non-lethal self-defense tools are proven effective to counter an attack without necessarily resorting to a deadly force.

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