Will a Stun Gun Offer Protection?

stun gun for protectionIn the 21st century, how does one go about protecting themselves from harm? Granted there are firearms that one can purchase; however, these come with their own, often fatal, ramifications.

As such there are more people turning their attention to the wide variety of stun guns, TASERS, pepper spray and alarms when it comes to maintaining their safety without worrying about the implications.

Last year, there were over 1.2 million violent crimes committed nationwide according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but while this may have seen a 3.8 percent decrease on 2010 figures, the number is still a high one that needs to be tackled. Continue reading

The Effectiveness of Stun Guns

effectiveness of stun gunsStun guns are more effective and safe to use compared to traditional firearms. Here we learn more about the effectiveness of a device that has been around for decades.

Owning a stun gun for one’s protection is a far better option to make compared to other forms of devices, which often have lethal repercussions such as with a firearm. However, unlike other weapons used by police, stun guns do not function at any distance. In order for them to work the stun gun’s two diodes must be in contact with an individual while the trigger is depressed.

The exact duration of the shock will vary, but it can be anywhere from three to five seconds. Of course, an element of surprise means that the person using the stun gun will have the opportunity to deliver a shock far longer than if the element of surprise wasn’t there. Areas that have the most effective response include the back, shoulder or hip. The stun gun itself, without actually using it, can also be an effective deterrent, particularly if the stun gun has been activated and it triggers a blue arc of electricity.

There are other factors to consider that play a part in the stun gun’s effectiveness. For example, an attacker’s physical size is an important one to consider. A larger person will need a greater voltage or longer exposure to a stun gun in order for them to be subdued. While on the other hand some models will deliver a higher voltage compared to others, which means that some devices will temporarily disable a person far quicker than others.

Knowing, however, that this device is being used for added protection means that individuals who require extra safety can rest assured that they have it. According to data from RAINN, 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. Regardless of who you are you should not have to feel victimized wherever you go.

This is why owning a stun gun is an empowering step that a person can take when it comes to their safety.

The Advantages of Stun Guns

advantage of stun gunWith more people turning their attention to self defense devices for protection we look here to see what the advantages of owning a stun gun are.

Over the past ten years stun guns have evolved to become an extremely effective device at preventing harm to individuals in need of protection. However, it goes without saying that in order to appreciate the advantages of the device it is necessary to understand how it functions.

Stun guns, as the name would imply, are designed to stun a person thus preventing them from committing a crime or succeeding in harming someone. Despite the high voltage number that many of these tools are associated with – as much as 5,000,000 – the low amperage of stun guns is low usually around two to three milliamps, which means that they will not cause long term damage to the person targeted. For electricity to be fatal it has to measure at least one ampere. Furthermore, unlike an electric chair, which is designed to kill a person, a stun gun falls into the classification of a non-lethal device because it is merely a means of disabling the attacker.

A report written in 2004 at the Eastern Michigan University demonstrates that the benefits of stunning devices outweigh the risks and are an effective method at apprehending criminals in a timely and effective manner compared to other devices. However, despite the number of negative reports issued about stun guns there are continually more people buying them for extra protection.

The fact that stun guns don’t harm a person targeted shows a major advantage compared to other devices such as firearms. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes and disguised forms which mean that a user will have an element of surprise when needed.

Nowadays, it’s possible to buy a stun gun with as little as 100,000 volts to the more powerful stun guns as high as 5,000,000. Due to the wide variety of devices available it is possible to determine the right one for you.

Taser Review




taser c2 review taser m26c review taser x2
Price $399.99 $499.95 $999.00
Color Available Black
Black Black
Output Power 50,000 V, 5 Watts, 2 mA
30-second automatic timing cycle per discharge
50,000 V, 18 Watts, 2.7 mA
5-second automatic timing cycle per discharge
50,000 V, 6 Watts, 1.9 mA
10 second up to 30 second automatic timing cycle per discharge
Power Source Lithium Power Magazine Battery (included) 8 AA Batteries (not included) Digital Power Magazine Battery (included)
Dimensions (LxHxW) 6″ x 2.10″ x 1.25″ 7.5″ x 5.5″ x 1.3 6″ x 3.2″ x 1.3″
Weight 7 oz 18 oz 7.2 oz
Shoot Rage: Max 15ft Max 15ft Max 15ft
Works as stun gun for direct contact? Yes Yes Yes
Special Features Safety Switch, Power Indicator, Laser Sight, LED Flashlight Safety Switch, Power Indicator, Laser Sight Safety Switch, Power Indicator, Laser Sight, Flashlight
Specifications C2 Specifications M26C Specifications X2 Specifications
Background Check / Activation Once you receive the C2, you must activate it with the manufacturer in order for it to function! The manufacturer will perform a background check for you during activation. The process should only take 30 mins to complete. We will contact you by phone for a background check once we receive your order. It is a requirement by the manufacturer to ensure you do not have any criminal record. Please click here for more information or contact us at 1-866-321-7886. We will contact you by phone for a background check once we receive your order. It is a requirement by the manufacturer to ensure you do not have any criminal record. Please click here for more information or contact us at 1-866-321-7886.
Package Included View C2 Detail View M26C Detail View X2 Detail
Integrated Laser Sight Yes Yes Yes
Intergated Flashlight Yes No Yes
# of 15′ Live Cartridge 2 4 6
# of Training Cartridge (blue) 1 0 0
Holster Tactical Holster No Soft Holster
Practice Target Yes Yes Yes
Battery Yes No Yes
Training Material Yes Yes Yes
Price $399.99 $499.95 $999.00
Order Your C2 Here Order Your M26C Here Order Your X2 Here

TASER Information

What Is A TASER Gun?

TASER International, Inc. is the only company that manufactures TASERs. Their products are the only ones bearing the TASER trademark. TASERs are non-lethal weapons that use harmless electrical shocks to disrupt the target’s nervous system. While being shocked, the target has no control over his skeletal muscles and simply falls down.
taser gun models

How To Use A TASER

TASERs are designed to be used in three distinct ways.

  • When the air cartridge is inserted and the TASER is triggered, two metal probes are deployed from the air cartridge. These probes are attached to the unit by 15-foot long wires which deliver a “shaped pulse.”
  • After the probes are shot and while the wires are hanging from the front of the weapon, the hand unit can still function as a contact stun gun, a very useful feature in case the probes miss the target.
  • The TASER can also be used as a contact stun gun even after removing the spent cartridge.

Once the air cartridge is triggered it is a simple matter to click a button, remove the used cartridge, then plug in a fresh one, all within a couple of seconds. TASERs provide the diversity of both long-distance protection and close quarters defense.

Effective Target Zone

taser effective range

How TASERs Work

The front of the TASER holds a replaceable air cartridge powered by compressed inert gas (nitrogen). When triggered, the TASER fires a pair of barbed metal probes which are attached to the unit by 15-foot long insulated wires which are highly conductive. The device delivers a 50,000 volt shock which is capable of penetrating up to a cumulative two inches of clothing.
taser gun information

The pulsing, high voltage electrical charges sent by the weapon are similar to the normal electrical signals in the body’s nerve fibers and literally overpower them. These additional electrical pulses function like jamming a radio or telephone signal. As long as the extra “noise” or static is on the line, normal service is interrupted. Once the jamming signal is stopped, normal activity resumes and no damage has been done.

Think of the human nervous system as the command, control, and communication systems of the human body. The nervous system is comprised of three elements:

taser gun with nervous system

    • Central Nervous System – This part is the command center and includes both the brain and the spinal cord. All the information and decision making processes occur within this part of the nervous system.


    • Sensory Nervous System – This part includes nerves which carry information to the brain. These “intelligence gathering” nerves provide information about the environment (hot, cold, wet, dry, etc.) and the state of the body (pain, pleasure, body position, etc.) to the brain where the data is processed. Most of these nerves lie near the surface of the body in the skin where they come in contact with the environment and gather data. Since these nerves are in or near the skin, they are easier to stimulate than deeper nerves. The result is that lower powered stun guns only affect these nerves.


    • Motor Nervous System – Command signals from the brain to the muscles which control movement are carried by these nerves. These nerves are protected by their location which is deep inside the body. They lie within and beneath muscle tissue. A much greater amount of raw power is required to reach them. TASERs deliver the blunt strength of penetrating waveforms, the Shaped Pulse Technology, deeply enough to control these motor nerves. Controlling the motor nerves while stimulating sensory nerves results in Neuro-muscular Incapacitation (NMI).NMI systems affect BOTH the sensory and motor nerves.


TASERs do not rely on pain to achieve compliance. They affect the sensory and motor functions of the nervous system and achieve complete incapacitation.

Additional Stun Gun Information

How To Choose A Taser

Stun Guns vs. Tasers

How To Choose A Stun Gun

Stun Gun Information

Stun Gun Vs Taser

Stun Gun


stun gun self defense guide VS taser self defense guide
Stun gun effects are based on pain compliance. Requires direct contact with object in order to work. TASER overrides the object’s nervous system and causes physical incapacitation. It can be used both at a distance (15 ft away) or by direct contact.
Help me choose a stun gun to fit my needs Help me choose a TASER to fit my needs
Show me more information about Stun Guns Show me more information about TASERs


To get started, let’s clear up some common questions about stun guns and TASER devices.

Q. I heard stun guns and TASER devices kill people. Are they safe to use?

A. According to several studies done by The National Center for Biotechnology Information, stun guns and Tasers are safe to use if they are used properly. There have been incidents where Tasers were used excessively costing the victims their life. In these cases, the problem is the way the individual used the Taser, not the product itself. Stun devices are classified as non-lethal because of a combination of high voltage and low current.

Q. Is it legal for anyone to have?

A. Yes, stun guns and TASER devices are legal for civilian self defense in most states and cities. Please visit our stun gun law section to make sure they are legal in your area before purchase, and always contact your local authority if you are in doubt.

Q. Aren’t Stun guns and TASER devices the same thing?

A. No. Stun guns and TASER devices are different. As a matter of fact, “TASER” is a trademarked name from TASER International, which also is a publicly traded company. TASER International is the company who makes all the TASER devices for law enforcement throughout the country. It is easy to distinguish the two, if we don’t call it a TASER on our site, it is NOT a TASER. TASER is the only product in the market which you can use at a distance. All TASER civilian models can be used within a maximum of 15 feet. All stun guns require direct contact. It doesn’t matter what voltage or what shape. Even though you have to make direct contact to the person with a stun gun, stun guns are still very effective when it comes to stopping an attack. It is definitely better than bare handed. We will go into detail on how stun gun works in a little bit.

Leaving Work at Night? Protect Yourself with a Stun Gun

protect yourself at night with a stun gun

Did you know that there were 9273 murders, 29758 acts of forcible rape, 369105 aggravated assaults that occurred in 2006? That’s one happening every minute. If you think this is just a number and it is not going to happen to you and your family, think again!

According to the FBI annual uniform crime report, most of these crimes take place at night. If you have a job at a hospital, restaurant, factory or retail store that often requires getting off work late at night, you need something to protect yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female; criminals often pick their victim based on vulnerability not gender. If they know you are not prepared or they consider you an easy target, you could become the next victim.

Police officers often teach self defense classes in the local community. One thing they teach is that the most effective aspect of self defense is awareness. If you want to avoid being a crime victim, you first have to realize that there is possibility that you could become one. You have to face the reality that crimes happen all the time and it could happen to anyone including you and your loved ones. So being prepared is the number one way to save yourself when the situation arises.

Our Recommendations

We recommend the following stun guns for personal protection.

Streetwise Small Fry Stun Gun (view more info)

  • Huge stopping power in a tiny package
  • Easily carry in pocket or purse
  • Perfect for small hand size

The 8,800,000 volt Streetwise Small Fry Mini Stun Gun is highly recommended to anyone who needs personal protection. This unit has the highest voltage available for a stun gun. The higher the voltage is, the faster the immobilization. Also, this small stun gun is only 3″ inches long (half the size of a dollar bill). It is very easy for anyone to carry around or bring to work.

When you test-fire the unit, you can actually see the current going through the metal plate at the tip of the stun gun. This is very intimidating. It also makes a very loud cracking noise. We actually had a customer who had to defend herself with it. She said that she test-fired the stun gun in front of the attacker and the loud cracking noise actually made the attacker jump and run away.

If you feel that someone is following you or they want to hurt you, test-fire this mini stun gun in front of them and let them know that you are not an easy target.

Diablo Flashlight Stun Gun (view more info)

  • Easily take down an attacker
  • Disguised as a flashlight – easily goes unnoticed
  • Slim and light weight design for easy carrying

The flashlight stun gun works very similarly to the Streetwise Mini Stun Gun. It is very powerful and will also make a loud cracking noise when you test-fire it.

The advantage of the flashlight stun gun is that it is disguised as a regular small flashlight. No one would know that you are holding a powerful stun device in your hand.

This item also has a bonus feature. It comes with 160 lumen flashlight. It is super bright and it does come in handy.

TASER Pulse (view more info)

  • Provides up to 15 feet of distant safety
  • Doubles as stun gun for close contact
  • Laser beam sight insures accurate aim

This is by far the best and most innovative self defense product on the market today. It is the only product that will give you a maximum of 15 feet distance from the attacker, keeping you safely out of harm’s way. Pull the trigger and the TASER shoots out two small probes. The probes latch onto the assailant and deliver a powerful signal that completely overrides his central nervous system, leaving him totally immobilized.

The TASER C2 will also work as a contact stun gun for close distance use. If your shot misses the attacker, all you need to do is unplug the air cartridge and hold the TASER against the attacker’s body. The take down power is just as effective.

The Pulse model with the laser-aiming feature is highly encouraged. Not only will it increase your chances of hitting the subject under stress, it will also make a psychological impact when the laser is pointed on the attacker. When they see it they will know that they are about to experience a painful electrical shock if they move one step closer to you.

Jack Cover and the TASER

buy taser gunIn 1969, the TASER stun gun as we know it today was invented by John Higson ‘Jack’ Cover. In the 1960s, US authorities were faced with countless hijackings where an armed sky marshal could bring down a plane with the use of a gunshot. As a result they were searching for a weapon that could easily apprehend a suspect without killing him.

At the time, Cover was then a scientist working on NASA’s Apollo moon landing project when he came across an article about how a man had become immobilised by touching a fallen power line, but had survived.

He then began to think whether it would be possible to create a weapon that fired pulses of electricity instead of bullets that would render a person immobile, but avoid killing them. His garage soon became his office as he developed and created a flashlight-like device that projected darts attached to an insulated wire up to 15 feet with a brief jolt of up to 50,000 volts incapacitating an individual by producing muscle spasms that were uncontrollable.

After creating the new weapon, he decided to name it after a story written by the science-fiction writer Victor Appleton that he enjoyed as a child, called “Tom Swift and his Electric Rifle”, which happened to be about a boy who invented a rifle that fired electricity. However, the acronym TSER was a bit of a mouthful, so Cover decided to add an ‘a’, transforming TSER into TASER.

Of course, it wasn’t an instant success due to the fact that the darts were fired by gunpowder, which meant that the device was technically a firearm. Consequently, police forces were understandably wary of using them, while sales to the general public were out of the question. It was not until a newer version was created by Cover in 1993 which saw the darts propelled by compressed air that the market for the use of them increased and re-classified it as a non-firearm. This meant it could also be sold to the public.

Since the 1960s, though, the use of the TASER today is widespread as it is controversial; however TASER International, the manufacturer of the device, insist that the product is entirely safe with many police and prison officials across the US stating that the use of the TASER has greatly reduced situations of deadly force, particularly when taking people into custody.

The name of Jack Cover will forever be linked to the TASER, but it is due to him that law enforcement officials and members of the public have a way of defending themselves without resorting to the deadly use of bullets.

How to Choose a TASER

How to Choose a TASER

TASER Models Designed For Civilians

TASER International makes three models designed to meet the needs of civilians. They are the TASER C2 , TASER M26C, and the TASER X2.




taser c2 review taser m26c review taser x2 review
Price $399.99 $499.95 $999.00
Is This Right For You? The C2 is specially designed for women or anyone who is looking for a simple-to-use, easy-to-carry, non-lethal self defense product that they can carry around or leave at home. Perfect choice for a security guard, bouncer, bounty hunter or anyone who is used to shooting a firearm and wants to intimidate the bad guy with just the look of the weapon. Perfect choice for a security guard, bouncer, bounty hunter or anyone who is used to shooting a firearm and wants to intimidate the bad guy with just the look of the weapon.
Design Features The C2 has a very unique and discrete design. It isn’t shaped like a weapon. It is small (6″ long) and light weight (only 7oz). It only has one button so it is extremely easy to operate. Each firing will send a 30-second pulse to keep the bad guy down. The M26C is purposely designed like a conventional firearm. It weights like a gun (18oz) and it aims like a gun. Its design is supposed to be intimidating looking as a scare tactic. So the bad guy would just give up when he sees it. This is one of the earlier designs by the manufacturer. Each firing will send a 5-second pulse to stop the attacker. The X2 is the best of both C2 and M26C. It has the light-weight design (7.2oz and 6″ long) like the C2 and conventional grip and aiming like the M26C. You can choose to send anywhere from 10s, 20s to 30s pulse to keep the assailant down.
Special Features
  • Safety Switch
  • Power Indicator
  • Laser Sight
  • LED Flashlight
  • Safety Switch
  • Power Indicator
  • Laser Sight
  • Safety Switch
  • Power Indicator
  • Laser Sight
  • LED Flashlight
Comparison Compare More Details Compare More Details Compare More Details
Price $399.99 $499.95 $999.00
Details View C2 Detail View M26C Detail View X2 Detail

TASER Device Packages

Each TASER package has three main components: a TASER device, an air cartridge and a power source. Some of them are also equipped with integrated laser sights and built-in flashlights. The Laser sighting system allows you to paint the target and see exactly where you are aiming, especially in low light situations. Let’s look at each of the main components.

taser cartridge

Air Cartridge – Filled with compressed air, this piece fits into the front end of the weapon. Each air cartridge is good for one shot and has a shelf life of 5 years. When triggered, the cartridge opens and shoots a pair of 15-foot long wires tipped with barbed projectiles. That’s where you gain the advantage of distance. Since the wires are connected to the TASER device, you can send additional shocks that last from 5 to 30 seconds, depending on the model every time you pull the trigger. Those shocks are what keep the bad guy down. When you’re ready, click the button, pull out the spent air cartridge, and plug in a new one.

taser gun

TASER Device – Without the air cartridge, the TASER works as a hand held stun gun which you can use to make direct contact with the object.

Power Source – The X2 and the C2, are powered by the Lithium Power Magazine (LPM), are easy ttaser power sourceo replace. They can each be fired at least 50 times. The TASER M26C uses eight (8) regular AA batteries which are available virtually everywhere.

Points to Consider When Choosing Your TASER Device

Laser Sight – The value of an integrated laser sight is undeniable. When you can paint your target the already stressful situation is not complicated by trying to aim at the bad guy. Using this single feature can give you a huge psychological advantage over the attacker. When he sees the red dot on his own body, he knows he’s about to get stunned. Some experienced police officers state that upon seeing the laser spot, many would-be attackers give up and run. That point alone makes the laser sight worth having.

Shape – Most people are used to the sight and feel of a gun-shaped weapon. If you are among those comfortable with the traditional shape, then the TASER models X2 and M26C are worth a look. They are shaped a lot like a handgun and have a trigger guard, familiar to most users. The other model is the C2. It is sleek and streamlined. Because it is less bulky it can be carried discreetly in a belted holster, in the hand, or fit nicely in a purse.

Stun Duration – Different models of TASER devices have pulses that last for varying periods of time.

  • The TASER M26C send a series of pulses which last for five seconds.
  • The TASER C2 delivers electrical shocks for thirty seconds when fired. You can press the trigger again to send another series of shocks, once the previous barrage is completed. A safety feature allows the user to switch to the OFF position which immediately stops the pulses.
  • The TASER X2 offers more options. If you pull the trigger once it delivers a ten-second burst. If you pull the trigger twice in rapid succession it delivers a twenty-second burst. The third option is to pull the trigger three times for a pulse that lasts thirty-seconds.

Available TASER Models

taser x2

TASER X2 – This model features the Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI) technology which delivers a shaped pulse that completely incapacitates the target. It includes a built-in laser sight in addition to a bright flashlight. You also get 6 Air Cartridges and a Digital Power Magazine Battery System. It contains power for up to 90 uses and boasts an impressive 10-year shelf life. The Air Cartridge Reloads are all capable of the 15-foot range and can be installed in under two seconds. The safety switch, which must be thumbed to allow firing, is designed to be used by either hand.

taser m26c

TASER M26C – This unit includes a pair of replacement Air Cartridges and 8 AA batteries. It is also 7.5 inches long and weighs 18 ounces. The M26C is equipped with trigger guard safety features and can be used with either hand. The M26C feature the Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI) technology.

TASER C2 – This model features the NMI technology. It comes with a built-in laser sight and LEtaser c2D light, plus a spare Air Cartridge and the Lithium Power Magazine. The C2 also has a low profile Trigger Safety Cover to prevent accidental discharge.

Our Recommendation

Whether you prefer a traditionally gun-shaped weapon or the sleek, modern styling of the C2, we strongly recommend you choose a model equipped with the integrated laser sight, in spite of the additional cost. Especially since many attacks occur in low light situations, the advantage of a laser sight, plus a strong LED light, significantly improves your odds of survival. In many cases, police officers report that would-be attackers leave the area when they see the red dot painted on their chests, effectively ending what could have become a nasty confrontation. The psychological advantage is undeniable.

If you don’t have the weapon in your hand, it is no help at all, so convenience and portability are critical factors. We recommend carrying your TASER wherever and whenever you are allowed to do so. The TASER C2 is only 6 inches long and weighs a mere 7 ounces, making it small enough to fit into a pocket, purse or briefcase with ease. By comparison, the TASER M26C are both 7.5 inches long and weight two-and-a-half times as much.

The bulky TASER X2 is a good choice for security guards and others who are comfortable with gun-shaped weapons. It boasts several desirable features, but its size outweighs most of them. The TASER C2 offers all the important features like the X2 except for the pulse duration options, including the advanced NMI technology. Furthermore, since the C2 pulse duration is 30 seconds, the same as the longest option with the X2, the end result is virtually the same, but in a much sleeker package.

In the final analysis, feature by feature, including price points, we believe the TASER C2 is currently the best model for personal protection on the market today.

Additional Stun Gun Information

Stun Guns vs. Tasers

Stun Gun Information

How To Choose A Stun Gun

Taser Information

How To Choose A Taser

How To Choose A Stun Gun

When choosing a stun gun, there are three things to consider:

1. Voltage – The Higher The Better

how to choose a stun gunThe most important factor is that higher voltage means faster immobilization. This means raw stopping power. Higher voltage also means the current can pass through more layers of clothing and still get the job done. If you test fire a high voltage stun gun (anything above 800,000 volts), the electrical current running between the test prongs creates a bright lightning bolt. The loud, crackling sound is unmistakable and is often enough to send a would-be attacker running in the other direction. However, if the bad guy keeps on coming, you are holding serious stopping power in your hand.

2. Gun Design – Your Lifestyle Sets the Style

buy stun gunToday’s stun guns come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and even colors. Let your lifestyle and needs dictate the choice here. If you are petite and want a unit that will fit in your hand, consider one of the smaller units. One model is so little that it can fit inside a pack of cigarettes. If you like the idea of misdirection, consider one of the look-alike models such as a cell phone, pen or flashlight.

Larger models are often chosen by law enforcement, military, and security personnel, starting with stun batons. They come in lengths from 10 inches to 18 inches. The extra length provides a reach you don’t get with smaller units. There are even blast knuckle stun guns. A great handful of stopping power, if the stun feature isn’t enough to stop the bad guy, you are still holding a mighty punch enhancer.

3. Features

stun gun flashlight reviewFlashlight – The Diablo Tactical FlashlightZapLight Flashlight, and all those under the Flashlight Stun Guns section, work as a functional flashlight AND a stun gun. The Flashlight Stun Gun looks exactly like a regular LED flashlight and casts a bright beam. It is also a powerful stun gun which you can carry unobtrusively while going about your daily business. No one but you will know you are carrying some serious personal protection.


stun gun with safety alarmAlarm – The Streetwise 11,000,000 volt and Stun Baton 13″boast a powerful personal alarm. As soon as you find yourself in danger, press the button and the built-in feature sounds an ear-splitting alarm. The extremely annoying noise will attract attention and send the would-be assailant in the other direction. In addition to stun gun stopping power, the alarm feature adds a level of protection before an assault.


stun gun disable pinDisable Pin – Blackout 11 MillionStun Baton 13″ and Streetwise 11,000,000 volt all boast a wrist safety strap attached to a disable pin. If an attacker manages to get the stun gun away from you, the pin is pulled from the bottom of the unit. The stun gun does not work without the pin in place. That means the assailant can’t turn around and shock you with your own weapon.


stun batonExtended Reach – Anything that gives you an edge in a dangerous situation is a good thing. With the 19 inch Rechargeable Stun Baton12 inch Rechargeable Stun Baton, ZapCane, you gain significant inches in distance advantage. As the martial arts gurus say, “an inch longer is an inch stronger” in combat situations. Just like in boxing, that extra “reach” of these could make a big difference when you need it.


rechargeable stun gunRechargeable Battery – To recharge your unit, just plug it in for 8 hours about every 60 days and you’re good to go. There’s no running to the store or keeping track of spare batteries. You’re always ready. Plus, all rechargeable stun guns come with a manufacturer’s warranty which covers the battery for up to 100 recharges.

Additional Stun Gun Information

Stun Guns vs. Tasers

Stun Gun Information

Taser Information

How To Choose A Taser