Dog Attack Protection

Most of us, if not all, has at least felt threatened by a dog at one point or another. Dangerous dogs are likely to be loose in several communities, and yours may be included. Dog attacks can cause severe injuries and sometimes even kill people. Bringing dog repellent that is EPA approved is one of the best ways to control canine aggression. Other products to consider are our stun guns with super bright LED flashing strobe, which can confuse the dog. Pressing the stun gun button a couple times allow electrical charge hits ultra-high frequency sound waves that the dog can hear. Upon hearing it, most dogs would immediately turn tail and walk or run away. If the dog gets any closer, use the stun gun. A Taser gun is also an effective defense weapon against attacking dog. Police officers usually use a Taser pistol to stun the dog before approaching and tying it up. Stun baton is also an ideal stun gun weapon to use on a dog. It offers extra distance between you and the dog. Choose a stun baton that is made of durable material so that you can also use it to hit the attacking dog whenever you feel it is needed. Before purchasing a stun gun or stun weapon, check your area’s regulations as some restrict the use of an electric gun.

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