Guard Dog Diablo II Tactical Stun Flashlight Stun Gun

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$ 68.95

The Diablo 2 Tactical Flashlight is not only a fantastic flashlight, with a super bright 320 Lumen shine, but it also includes an amazing 5 MILLION volt stun gun with hidden contact probes.

This self defense product acts as a fantastic self defense and tactical flashlight. Perfect to keep in your car, for when you have a late night emergency where you have to get out of your car. Or, to keep in your house to protect you from an intruder.

Based off of patent pending technology that was originally released strictly for law enforcement, the Diablo 2 electric gun brings the dependability and power you need to protect yourself and loved ones.

  • Concealed inner shocks and probes
  • Super bright flashlight with 320 lumen
  • Type three aircraft-grade aluminium alloy
  • FREE Premium Leather Case
  • FREE Car Charger
  • FREE Wall Charger
  • Solid non lethal weapon




Brighter, stronger, more features. The Diablo II stun flashlight provides more safety than any other stun guns in the market.

The most versatile and practical stun gun flashlight in the world is here: The Guard Dog Diablo II personal defense weapon. Previously used by law enforcement, and now released to the general public, this multi-functional self defense device embodies all the necessary features of personal security combined with a daily flashlight- all without being a visible stun gun.

Built on its popularity, the Diablo II boasts the patented concealed inner stun technology which has become the most envied feature in the stun gun industry. Once activated, this 5,000,000 volt concealed stun gun rips a thunderous and intimidating spark completely inconspicuously around the top layer.

As an everyday flashlight, the Diablo II shines an astounding 320 lumen light capable of being seen over 500 yards away, while blinding any unwelcome assailants. Ensure you are charged for any occasion, expected or unexpected, with the included AC vehicle charger and home charger. Enclosed within a type III aluminum aircraft grade body, the Diablo II self defense tool has a shockproof body with an emergency glass breaker bezel.

Take this accomplice with you where ever you go in the included premium leather holster. The search for your daily necessity is over- the ideal flashlight with a concealed volt-thrashing stun gun, The Guard Dog Diablo II.


  • NEW! 320 lumen ultra-bright tactical flashlight
  • NEW! Powerful 5,000,000 stun gun
  • NEW! Hidden/concealed inner shocks. No visible probes!
  • NEW! Type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy body
  • NEW! Includes vehicle charger and home charger
  • NEW! Shock proof durable body
  • NEW! Anti-roll body
  • NEW! Ultimate glass-breaker and self defense face
  • NEW! Enhanced reflector system for optimum brightness
  • NEW! Up to 100,000 hour bulb life
  • NEW! Includes a premium leather holster FREE!
  • Accidental discharge security switch
  • Swift one hand operation of all functions
  • Rigid handle grip
  • Fully rechargeable battery
  • Patent Technology – U.S. Patent D674,943


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the different between the Diablo II and the Police Force stun gun?
The contact probes on the Diablo II are concealed and hidden verses the one on the Police Force is visible. They are both great in terms of take down power. The Police Force produces a louder noise when test firing since the contact probes are visible. The Diablo II is bit more discrete since it really just looks like a regular flashlight when the probes are concealed. Get the Diablo II if you want your stun flashlight more discrete.

5 Million seems a little strong, is it necessary?
Yes. Theoretically, higher power means shorter time to immobilize an attacker. In other words, less confrontation time. You would want to have the highest power available if possible.

I only see one set of metal probes arcing when test firing instead of two, is the product defective?
No. According to the manufacturer, that is perfectly normal for only one side to arc. Sometimes once it is charged it goes to 2 sides. Even with the one side, the unit is working perfectly fine.

When the flashlight is on, can I use the stun function? No. For safety purpose and to avoid accidental discharge, you can only use either the stun or flashlight.

Would 5 Million power stun gun cause more damage than other smaller power stun guns?
No, even though the power is higher, the current is still very low (about 3-milliamp amperage, just like other models) which makes this stun gun just as less lethal as other lower power models.

Would you recommend this item?
Yes, we would strongly recommend this item to anyone who is always on the go. It is perfect for jogging, keeping in your car or in your home, definitely perfect for home defense.

Additional information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 1.75 in



Tactical Flashlight

Safety Switch





Shockproof Body


Rigid Non-Slip Handle Grip


FREE (Included) Car Charger


Premium Leather Carrying Case – $25 value – FREE!


14 reviews for Guard Dog Diablo II Tactical Stun Flashlight Stun Gun

  1. Vicki

    Lithium battery makes the difference among the competition. I have a few flashlight stun guns and they all use nimh batteries. The batteries dramatically deteriorate after a year or so and won’t charge enough to strike an arc anymore. Glad to find Diablo 2 with a lithium battery. This one looks to be a good buy so far.

  2. Smdh

    It dnt show charge level light works sumtimes stun work good but only make a sound I only had it 2 weeks hope the seller replace it with new one would not recomende I will try one with 9volt batt wish me good luck dnt waste yo cash unless u get warranty.

    Edit: Best Stun Gun assisted me very well and got a new and working one from Guard Dog

  3. Kolton

    It has a great light for at night and is compact so you can hide it in you hand until you are ready to use it.

  4. Jackie

    I do love the product, I use it for protection since I work evenings and am always online when in the parking lot. The only thing I would change is that the flashlight still worked when the safety is off.

  5. Hermitbiker

    The best for self defense and seeing at night !!

  6. Rosewhite6280

    I love this I feel safe enough now to walk down the street to the pharmacy, they guy who attacked me on that street will think twice with this

  7. Nelson

    I use the flashlight stun gun at least once a week while entering/exiting a building that is in a questionable neighborhood. The device makes me feel safer and the combination of the flashlight and stun gun is a great bonus.

  8. Pedro75

    I love the stun gun itself. As soon as I saw it, I ordered it. Now I am back to carrying a stun gun again. The other flashlight types just were not disguised enough or the light with the cover just was not practical for use for self defense or a flashlight. The only problem I have with this is the carrying case. It exposes the switch. I have accidentally turned it on while fastening my seatbelt an

  9. Tommy

    I purchased this stun gun mostly because I just got a new puppy.(her names jazz) I’ve got a few problem mean dogs on the block and figured I would have to defend her till she could defend herself. Scares even the biggest dogs off with the sound. Good product, hope I never have to use it. 🙂

  10. Dave

    Heavy-duty flashlight and strong stun gun

  11. Armed And Prote

    it is a good for a flashlight but if it has eight prongs then all prongs shoud fire when used for astun gun

  12. Mr

    Perfect for my girlfriend who runs alone early in the morning!

  13. Tom

    Sturdy and well built and heavy duty not just in appearance but in actuality. It reminds me of a mini mag light with this mag type light has stun capacity at 4.5 which should incapacitate the bad guy. I hope I don’t find the need to use it but should that happen I hope to be able to write a review on it’s useability.

  14. Hal


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