Guard Dog Diablo Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun

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$ 58.25

Super Bright LED Flashlight with a 4.5 million volt stun gun. Concealable and powerful electric gun. Exactly what you need on you at all times. High quality non lethal weapon andĀ self defense item.




Discrete and concealable are key attributes

The Diablo Stun Gun may simply look like a flashlight, but it’s much more than that. It’s not just a flashlight, but a tactical flashlight and a stun gun.

Compared to other stun guns on the market that have contacting probes which can be seen or are sticking out, the Diablo Stun Gun gives a user maximum discreteness and the confidence to know that what they are using will do the job of stopping someone.

No need to worry about accidentally deploying theĀ personal protection weapon

Safety is another key element of this personal defense weapon. Instead of worrying about using it when it’s not required there is no need. In order to maximize protection a safety switch has been provided. This means that when placed into the OFF position you can rest assured that you won’t deploy it when it’s not needed, giving you the peace of mind that you’re after.

Stop someone in their tracks with ease

It may look defenseless, but the Diablo Stun Gun packs 4.5 million volts, putting it among one of the most powerful self defense devices to behold. Nobody would suspect that this self defense tool does more than it appears to do. With a 160 lumen flashlight, it’s also one of the brightest too, making it the perfect dual weapon to own.

If, though, you’re after a weapon of force that has been crafted as such then the Diablo Stun Gun is the self defense product for you. Constructed from type three aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, those who have this self protection weapon will know that it has been made to last.

Not only that, but its shock-proof body and heavy duty emergency glass breaker reinforce this. The benefits of having a shock-proof body and heavy duty glass means that even if you should drop it your device won’t break or reduce its ability to stun someone when needed.

It is legal to own a stun device in Texas and other states.

Stay charged with the recharge function

This rechargeable stun gun makes it easy to charge when it’s needed. Simply insert the power cord into the charging cord input before plugging it into an outlet.

This way you can stay charged for instant action when it’s needed the most.

Guaranteed Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty guaranteed with the Diablo Stun Gun for optimal customer satisfaction.

Additional information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 6.7 in



Tactical Flashlight

Safety Switch




Shockproof Body


Rigid Non-Slip Handle Grip



$12.00 Holster with belt loop included for FREE!

10 reviews for Guard Dog Diablo Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun

  1. Firebush

    Would have preferred a better “leather” case, even if the cost was more. Maybe even a premium case option.When I first test fired it, my wife jumped halfway across the room. Really gets your attention.

  2. Griz

    This is a Good Product at a Good Price. I wish that someone made a Heavy Duty (more durable) model that was more ergonomic (not sure of the spelling). Even at twice or three times the price.

  3. Betty

    I was attact 3 1/2 weeks ago, I am so glad to have the gun1

  4. Minnie

    have to park in an alley and walk alley then sidewalk to get to front of store in downtown Harrisburg, PA

  5. Dave

    Needs to comform to your hand more.

  6. Richrpd

    Great product.. Conveniently clips to your belt, always nearby and handy. Awesome stopping power. Only negative is the charging light is by the plug so you can’t view charge level. Haven’t figured out if there is one. But great value for the price.

  7. Bobcat

    I carry the stun gun when I walk my dog. I’ve been bitten twice protecting my dog before. Had to go to the hospital for one. The dog bite a hole through my hand. Don’t want to go through that again.

  8. Daniel The Thre

    Works as advertised. I have never stunned anyone with it, though looking at videos of people taking shots of them on YouTube (while hilarious) leads me to believe this product would be pretty potent. At the very least, it would hurt like hell.I speak as a 165 pound male with a little bit (3 years) of martial arts experience. I did not get this to protect against muggers with guns, etc – rather,

  9. Caroline The Po

    I finally have peace of mind when shopping at night!

  10. Michelle

    Haven’t used it on an assailant yet, but the test fire would certainly scare me off! Great product – small, portable, and I love the safety pin. Unfortunately in CT you can’t conceal and carry, but as I live alone I feel much safer in my apartment with this on my bedside table. A couple of my guy friends offered to let me test it out on them – will let you know how it goes.

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