The right to defend ourselves is a fundamental human right. We are constantly bombarded with stories of crime and violence across the globe. If you work late at night or walk to your car after work in a deserted parking lot, the chances of becoming a victim are getting higher. Even if you are living in a generally safe neighborhood, there are bound to be people making wrong decisions and breaking the law somewhere nearby.

Perhaps, acquiring a firearm has already crossed your mind, but you’re discouraged by its price and requirements to legally carry it. There are also risks of legal issues if you don’t follow your state law correctly. Remember – most confrontations happen in the blink of an eye, and that split decision can make or break you. Do you really want to be thinking about whether you’re abiding by your state’s gun laws when that happens? The moment that you hesitate in a confrontation, you are losing precious seconds to save your own life. Firing a gun without knowledge of your state’s gun laws could potentially put you in jeopardy of facing serious legal issues.

The Non-Lethal Yet Effective Self Defense Alternative Product

Fortunately, you can defend yourself effectively without the risk of shelling out thousands of dollars or worse, killing someone. Introducing, the Guard Dog Katana Stun Flashlight. It is a personal protection weapon loaded with great features that combine self-defense and survival options into one compact tactical flashlight. It provides 400 lumens of light and high voltage electricity. The 400 lumens of light is visible up to almost 400 yards and the high voltage concealed stun gun is capable of disabling an assailant. Guard Dog also added a survival option in this compact self-defense item with the steel tail cap for glass breaking.

The Guard Dog brand is definitely one of the best on the market of self-protection weapons. Guard Dog has been around for a long time and has developed a reputation for reliability and competitive prices in their electric stun guns. Guard Dog even offers a lifetime warranty on the Katana. If something goes wrong with your Katana, Guard Dog will get it replaced. A lifetime warranty does not happen very often in the business world, but the company boasts the quality of the Katana that they stand behind. Amazing! Get it at Guard Dog Katana Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun.

The Guard Dog Katana is one of the most convenient and effective legal self-defense weapons due to these primary factors:

The Guard Dog Katana is created with self-defense and survival in emergencies in mind. It is considered a non-lethal weapon, so civilians can carry and use it without a permit that is needed in a firearm in most states. It is designed to:


The Guard Dog Katana High Voltage Stun Flashlight comes with a wall charger, car charger, and lithium-ion battery. I am very impressed with its light, which has three options; strobe, high and low beam. The light is pretty bright and should be able to flash an attacker or just use to see in the dark. The stun prongs are intrusive that it could quickly catch on clothing. When test firing the unit with my whole family around, it shows a blue bolt of electricity and the crackling is intimidating. My entire family jumped in surprise, and our cats shot off like a rocket.  It is likely to instill fear in any one with ill-intentions. The sound this personal defense weapon makes alone would really make the attacker think twice about messing with the wielder. I also like the solid build of the flashlight. I feel pretty safe with this tool and would recommend it. You can get one at a very low price at Katana Prym.

What to Watch Out For?

You may be now considering buying the Katana after knowing that it is excellent for self-defense and can be a perfect gift for your loved ones. If this is the case, then you need to understand your local laws on stun guns before buying one. While the Katana Stun Flashlight is designed to be a non-lethal weapon, it is prohibited in Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Washington DC and Annapolis, MD. Also if you are living in Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin, you need to obtain a concealed carry permit or firearm owners identification card before legally owning one. You need to check local laws before ordering the Katana stun flashlight or any other stun guns.

Buying Advice

I personally prefer buying the Katana at Best Stun Gun. This is because they offer it at an excellent price and I already know they are reliable. The stun gun online store also offers free shipping on all orders over $100. I bought two Katanas; one for myself and one for my wife, so I got free shipping. The shipping was also fast, and I got updated with the tracking information, so I knew when to expect my Katanas. Before buying the Katanas, I needed some clarification on the product and its warranty, and I was amazed at their customer service as I got answers right away. My friend actually referred me to Best Stun Gun because she was satisfied with the unlimited product support and easy returns. The mother of my friend is also a customer of this online store since 2002. You have nothing to risk in this store, yet everything to gain with its 90-day money back guarantee. I am definitely loving the experience.


The Guard Dog Katana is a high-quality product amazingly made by a reputable manufacturer with a lifetime warranty. This is an indication that the company is very confident of the Katana when it comes to the quality. The Katana fits in one hand even for people with smaller hands, so the operation is always smooth. You save money on batteries as the self-defense tool is rechargeable. With its ultra-bright light, you don’t have to carry a separate flashlight with you when walking in dark areas. You don’t need to worry about accidental discharge as the Katana has a safety switch. It has all in all been a great tool to keep on hand at all times to feel protected and safe in my surroundings.

Well, now that you are armed with the knowledge of the Guard Dog Katana Stun Flashlight, you may find it here.