Guard Dog Reflex Tactical Flashlight

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Reflex – King of ALL Tactical Flashlights

Whether it’s walking your dog, hiking in wilderness, navigating at night or defending yourself against an attacker – the Reflex is the best and brightest flashlight for any situation. Compact and light weight this flashlight is built to take with you anywhere you go. Trusted by members of the Armed forces, Security guards, preppers and regular Joe’s the Reflex is GUARANTEED to satisfy your needs.


Are you night a fisherman? This is THE light for you – with it’s unique red and green light mode you will be able to see without blinding yourself, blinding yourself, scaring the fish, or having to deal with that terrible fog light syndrome where the light just fills the foggy air.

Once you use the Reflex you will wish you had it years ago!


Early morning…in the blind…being as quite and discrete as possible…but you still need to see. The Reflex’s red light is the PERFECT solution. The light is bright enough for you to see what you need without scaring away the deer.

It’s the answer to your problems!



How often are you running and need a lightweight light that won’t slow you down, isn’t bulky, but has the power to actually help you see where you are running? That’s the Reflex!

Oh and the best part…the head can be tilted forward so when you clip it on your clothes or belt it shines in front of you so you always know where you are going. Talk about convenient!



Need to see where you are going, but your hands are full or you can’t carry a flashlight. Yeah, been there.

Then the Reflex came along. With it’s specially designed head you can tilt it forward, clip it on your pack or pants and it will shine forward. Giving you the light exactly where you need it…in front of you and where you are facing. Awesome!


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