Heart Attack Self Defense Keychain

$ 14.99

The Heart Attack self-defense keychain is a stylish and powerful personal protection tool that can help you deliver a destructive blow to your assailant.

  • Secure grip
  • Impact resistant
  • Stylish, Compact & Lightweight
  • Give a crushing punch
  • Easy to use and easy to carry
  • Guaranteed effective


The Heart Attack Self Defense Keychain is not your ordinary keychain as it is actually a self-defense weapon. Put this weapon on your fingers, and you have an instant personal protection weapon that can deliver a devastating punch into your assailant. The punch is further aided by the sharp edge of the Heart Attack self-defense keychain. Carry this lightweight, compact, stylish personal defense weapon instead of the bulky other weapon options. When not needed, the Heart Attack self-defense tool can be a pretty decorative keychain.


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