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2021 Best Stun Gun Review: Our Top Pick

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Best Stun Gun Blog

Not a problem, we are here to help! Helping everyone defend themselves is Best Stun Gun’s primary goal. With our 10+ years of experience we have tons of information and guides to help you defend yourself, choose the right self defense weapon for you, and begin to live your life prepared. Take a look below at articles that our new-comers have told us are most helpful.

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While walking my dogs we have been attacked twice by pit bulls. If I didn’t have the stun gun I would never leave my house for a walk again. It makes me feel safe, and gives me comfort knowing I am doing what I can to protect my own dogs. Thank you!

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I googled Stun Guns; tried a couple of addresses with no success, then Alex at BestStungun.com helped when I emailed. After emailing I placed the order thinking at anytime there would be poor service and no reply. Then I received the email from Alex confirming my order and 3 days later I had my stun guns. It was great to deal with Alex.

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Very happy with my purchase and I bought a second one. I gave one as a gift and now my sister feels a lot safer as she lives alone.

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The item arrived quickly after ordering and was charged per the instructional booklet which was very instructive. I especially liked the wrist strap deactivation, bright light along with size and ease of use. Overall the Katana was a worthy investment in personal security.

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