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  1. Besafebepeacefu  Avatar

    Perfect size for slipping into your hand if you’re out walking or jogging. Comes in a very nice leather case with a magnetic closure so it can be carried in a purse, but opened with one hand if you need it quickly.Also like that the stun terminals face away from your knuckles, so it would be exceedingly hard to accidently stun yourself even if someone knocked you down. And because your fingers

  2. Bj  Avatar

    The Sound Of It Is Scary But I Have Not Had The Chance To Use It Against Somebody Which Is Good I Guess

  3. Ck  Avatar

    Bought this product just over a year ago,at least 13 months ago.Only tried it twice,two test tries for one second each,never had turned on or activated for any other reason.When It came time for me to need this item not only is it clumsy to get on your hand in a hurry,but when I used it all I got was a strange look.IT HAD NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER!Maybe I just had a bad experience,but all I know is I

  4. Tony Br  Avatar
    Tony Br

    I originally bought this to my wife. She was robbed once in front of our house. I gave it to her for her to feel a bit more confident and go out more often after her experience. She finally got over it and now it’s me who uses it! I love to show it off to my friends, lots of fun!

  5. Artydoris  Avatar

    I am an older female and I travel alone most of the tme. There have been times when I have been afraid on the road. The last time 2 young men passed me and started yelling that my tire was bad and wanted me to pull over. I ignored them and they sped away.There was nothing wrong with my tire. But if they had tried to ram me or something, I would have been in big trouble. This prouduct fits so

  6. Creative Weapon  Avatar
    Creative Weapon

    During my security overnight shift, I use this when I am on foot patrol at a post by myself. Just the sound and sight of the knuckle’s spark will most likely scare off any trespassers with out needing to be used. I want another one for the other hand now.

  7. Banjo Man  Avatar
    Banjo Man


  8. Josh The Hot Ro  Avatar
    Josh The Hot Ro


  9. Marjie The Runn  Avatar
    Marjie The Runn

    I love it! I run early in the mornings when it’s still dark and it is so easy to hold. It makes me feel safer.

  10. Brandon  Avatar

    This Product Is Great It Will Will Scare Them Away Before It Even Touch Them

  11. Mike P  Avatar
    Mike P

    It is a great product, never have had to use it. Just the sound of it should scare off an attacker, but i did get a concealed weapon charge for having it in my pocket.

  12. El Cid  Avatar
    El Cid

    This is a great little product for when someone wants to get up close and personal and so do you.

  13. A Concerned Dad  Avatar
    A Concerned Dad

    Easy to access and operate.

  14. Colleyville Cpa  Avatar
    Colleyville Cpa

    The market niche should be for smaller hands. Someone who needs a means of defense against someone much larger. This device fits a fottball player’s hand snuggly, but for a non-athlete, it is too loose and big. I am 5’10” and 185 # and I think it’s too big.

  15. The White Fox  Avatar
    The White Fox

    The Blast Knuckles do work. Not only does the sudden zap strike fear into the hearts of an otherwise aggresive attacker(s), it delivers quite a powerful flow of boom! Right out of your own Fist! Imagine having two of these?

  16. Dude  Avatar

    i bought these from another website and they were only [$] your getting ripped off

  17. Bizzarmind  Avatar

    A friend of mine bought the blast knuckles as a self defense tool, being the cautious guy he is, he didn’t want to take them into the field without being tested. I agreed to let him try it on me. the unit was discharged twice, onto two different parts of my body. and It honestly felt little worse than a 9 volt battery. It was annoying at first, and then it started to hurt. Ive gotten more juice ou

  18. Packin' K  Avatar
    Packin’ K

    I had a knock on my door late one night and I turned on my blaster knuckles and the person ran away. I didn’t have to use them but who ever it was knew they better not mess with me. No problems ever since. Most people think because I am a girl they can mess with me but not so thanks to my blaster knuckles.

  19. Mitologico  Avatar

    So far I havent use the blast knucle and hopefully I´ll never have to, I gave one to my mother, my girlfriend and my sister in law because it is easy to use and hard to be taken away. It is very powerful, the pure sound is scary so I hope they´ll be safe. I´m looking forward for any new products that we´ll keep my family secure.

  20. Papa Bear  Avatar
    Papa Bear

    This thing is great. I’ve only had to use it once but it worked as I thought. It is concealable it looks almost like a cell phone when clipped to the hip!

  21. Robert  Avatar

    I will use it, whenever you feel unsafe or you have to confront someone and you feel for your safety.! [*]

  22. Erika1379  Avatar

    I ordered these after a girl in my neighborhood was murdered while running. I feel totally safe. What I liked about these is that they fit over your knuckles so it would be really hard for someone to take them and use them on you. They are really comfortable to run with- light yet the sparks they put off is pretty scary and I imagine the shock from them would be pretty painful. If you are on the

  23. College Boi  Avatar
    College Boi

    Its worth every cent!!!!

  24. Rwfowler04  Avatar

    I bought this product because I am married to a very high profile woman who has been stalked and I am in situations where I cannot carry a firearm, so I rely on Blast Knuckles.

  25. T To The Jay  Avatar
    T To The Jay

    I like that you can just use them as brass knuckles if you want.

  26. Dot  Avatar

    I got mine as a gift and had to use it one night while I was out with some of my girlfriends. Now we all have them. Easy to use, easy to hold and the attacker doesn’t know what’s coming. Love it!