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    ACCUFIRE – Keychain Pepper Spray w/ Laser Sight

    $ 19.99

    The keychain pepper spray with laser sight is designed to go where you go. It offers fast and accurate operation under high-stress situations.

    • No leakage – Offers precise protection when you need it most
    • Built-in laser – Provides the aim you need in high-stress situations
    • Laboratory tested
    • UV identifying dye
    • Made in the USA
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    JPX 2 Self-Defense Pepper Spray Gun

    $ 349.95

    The JPX 2 Self-Defense Pepper Spray Gun provides the best possible protection for yourself, your family, and property.

    • Speedloader – The 2-shot disposable magazine can be replaced in seconds.
    • Handling – The ergonomic handle enables the user to hold the pepper spray gun securely.
    • Readiness – Ready to shoot anytime, anywhere, and in any conditions. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Does not lose pressure and does not have to be shaken before use.
    • Sophisticated technology – No batteries required and no cross-contamination. Offers precise aim and high accuracy.
  • bear mace gun

    Mace Pepper Spray Triple Action Police Model

    $ 29.95
    • Sprays 8-12 feet for added distant safety
    • Flip-top safety cap prevents accidental use
    • Offers same protection as law enforcement model
  • Sale! legal self defense weapons Guard Dog Katanamace spray

    Manly Man Protection Pack

    $ 84.95

    The perfect gift for the man that has everything!

    The Katana Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight is not only the brightest tactical flashlight we carry it is also the most powerful! With 400 lumens – it is more than enough to shine through the night – and the high voltage packs a HUGE punch!

    The additional 2 pepper sprays are the MAX  legal pepper spray concentration – meaning it will take down any intruder or attacking dog. The two sizes are perfect for having one for home defense and one to carry in your car or on the go.

    • Guard Dog Katana Tactical Flashlight
    • Extra Large Max Power Pepper Spray
    • Travel Size Max Power Pepper Spray
    • Lifetime Warranty
  • Sale! stun gun, pepper spray, flashlightelectric stun gun black


    $ 49.97

    Be protected, Be Prepared & Be Practical with the Olympian triple threat personal protection device.

    • Stun gun, flashlight and pepper spray in one compact, handheld design.
    • Blinding flashlight personal defense weapon
    • High voltage self-defense stun gun
    • Red hot pepper spray
  • Sale! guard dog security electra personal security set redguard dog security electra personal security set american breast cancer edition

    Superwoman Power Pack

    $ 69.25

    The Perfect Gift for the women in your life that you love.

    The Superwoman Power Pack comes with:

    • Electra 3, 000,000 volt Lipstick Stun Gun
    • Max Strength Pepper Spray – Purse Size
    • Lifetime Warranty

    The Electra’s lipstick case makes it the ultimate concealable female self defense weapon. Easy to keep in the purpose and have ready to defend yourself! With an added built in 100 lumen flashlight it can be used as both a stun gun and extremely bright flashlight.

    The Pepper Spray is the perfect size to take in your purse when you are on the go. With the highest Pepper rating in the industry and built in UV dye it will definitely take down any bad guys.