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Plegium Smart Pepper Spray (5 in 1)

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Plegium pepper spray is a potent personal protection weapon combines with multiple other safety functions.

  • Impressive personal defense pepper spray
  • A deafening 130dB self-defense siren calls the attention of individuals who can help you against your attackers
  • Triple strobe LEDs help you aim in the dark and disorient assailants
  • Connectivity to your smartphone for a quick and automated distress call
  • Sends a text message of your location

Product Video

How To Use Video

Plegium is the first company in the world to incorporate pepper spray with multiple other self-defense functions. A deafening siren, blinding strobe LEDs and connectivity to your smartphone for instant automatic distress call and location text message.

Despite being packed with multiple safety functions, the Plegium Smart (5 in 1) Pepper Spray w/Free App is small and perfect for everyday carry in your purse or pocket. Firing the smart pepper spray activates all functions; long-range pepper spray, super loud 130dB siren, triple strobe LEDs, automated distress call, and location text message.


• Connects to your iOS or Android smartphones
• Sends a text message with your location to your emergency contacts
• Makes a phone call to your emergency contacts
• Built-in 130 dB siren to attract attention
• Strobe LED lights for easy aiming in the dark and disorienting the assailant
• 4-year, no-charging battery life (batteries included)

Important Information

This Pepper Spray is NOT AVAILABLE for shipping to New York and Michigan

Technical Specs


Legal To Own


Black, Pink


11 cm


3 cm (average)


4 years


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