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Police Strength Streetwise 23 Pepper Spray 2oz Flip Top

$ 19.99

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  • Super hot concentration for maximum effect
  • Safety feature prevents accidental discharge
  • Easily carry in pocket or purse

Life-threatening situations with the assistance of your own personal Streetwise pepper spray. A few sprays from this substance are all it takes to ensure your safety and stop your attacker.

Streetwise Pepper Spray

Pepper spray enables you to defend yourself while keeping a safe distance from an attacker. A one-second burst to the face will cause temporary blindness, choking, coughing, and nausea-bringing the attacker to his knees. The active ingredient in our spray is Oleoresin Capsicum (O.C.), commonly referred to as red pepper.


    • Safety Lock
    • Small enough to fit into a pocket or purse
    • Large enough for any situation
    • Independent Laboratory Heat Rating Certified
    • Derived from over 5 Million SHU
    • 87% Stronger than Competing Brands
    • Instantly repels an Attacker
    • Incapacitates for up to 45 minutes
    • UV Marking Dye
    • 1.47% Total Capsaicinoids
    • Warranty: 1 year for canister and nozzle, until expiration date for pepper spray

Important Information

This Pepper Spray is NOT AVAILABLE for shipping to New York, New Jersey, and Michigan

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