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  • Sale! self protection weapons guard dog diablo 2 tactical flashlight for self defenseguard dog diablo 2 tactical flashlight non lethal weapons

    Guard Dog Diablo II Tactical Stun Flashlight Stun Gun

    $ 68.95

    The Diablo 2 Tactical Flashlight is not only a fantastic flashlight, with a super bright 320 Lumen shine, but it also includes an amazing 5 MILLION volt stun gun with hidden contact probes.

    This self defense product acts as a fantastic self defense and tactical flashlight. Perfect to keep in your car, for when you have a late night emergency where you have to get out of your car. Or, to keep in your house to protect you from an intruder.

    Based off of patent pending technology that was originally released strictly for law enforcement, the Diablo 2 electric gun brings the dependability and power you need to protect yourself and loved ones.

    • Concealed inner shocks and probes
    • Super bright flashlight with 320 lumen
    • Type three aircraft-grade aluminium alloy
    • FREE Premium Leather Case
    • FREE Car Charger
    • FREE Wall Charger
    • Solid non lethal weapon
  • Sale! self protection weapons diablo stun flashlightself protection weapons diablo stun flashlight

    Guard Dog Diablo Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun

    $ 58.25

    Super Bright LED Flashlight with a 4.5 million volt stun gun. Concealable and powerful electric gun. Exactly what you need on you at all times. High quality non lethal weapon and self defense item.

  • Sale! self defense productsself defense items

    Guard Dog Disabler Stun Gun Flashlight

    $ 49.95

    The Guard Dog Disabler delivers a high voltage punch that is hardly heard, felt, or seen on a stun gun of this size.

    • 25,000K Stun gun – Delivers a volt-thrashing power not usually present on compact stun weapons
    • Built-in LED flashlight – Provides illumination in small areas
    • Built-in rechargeable battery – Brings optimal performance for weeks
    • Convenient security pin – Allows you to deactivate the personal protection weapon when needed
    • Free holster – Protects your device and for your convenient carry
  • Sale! red hot oc spraypepper spray gun guard dog

    Guard Dog Home & Away Pepper Spray Kit

    $ 27.25

    The perfect kit to keep on hand to defend yourself at home or while you are in your car. This kit comes with Max Strength Pepper Sprays – a large 3oz canister and a small, concealable 1/2 ounce spray.

    • 2x Max Strength Pepper Sprays
    • Large 3oz home size Pepper Spray
    • Small 1/2oz travel Pepper Spray
    • Industry Exclusive FREE pepper spray replacement after use
    • Lifetime Warranty
  • Sale! Smallest stun gun for sale in the worldhornet stun gun keychain weapon

    Guard Dog Hornet

    $ 49.25

    The smallest stun gun in the world. So small it is perfect to fit on your keychain – making you prepared for any attackers no matter where you are!

    • Smallest Stun Gun in the World
    • 3,000,000 Volts of Stun Power
    • Reliable self defense equipment
    • Lifetime Warranty
  • Sale! man using black stun gunwoman using pink stun gun

    Guard Dog Hornet 2

    $ 68.25

    The smallest self-defense stun gun in the world is now equipped with panic alarm in a more streamlined personal protection design. The Hornet 2 offers three personal defense tools in one compact device.

    • Startling 120-decibel alarm that can be heard up to 300 feet away – enough to fend off a potential assailant
    • Quick activation high voltage personal defense stun gun
    • Three powerful built-in LED lights for clear visibility in the dark
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Guard Dog Lifetime Warranty
  • Sale! legal self defense weapons Guard Dog KatanaGuard Dog Katana police stun flashlight equipment

    Guard Dog Katana – Tactical Flashlight

    $ 79.95

    The Guard Dog Katana is a 400 lumen tactical flashlight, concealed stun gun with a steel-point tail cap.

    • A premier self defense and survival device
    • Comfortable to hold because of contoured hand grip
    • Made with aircraft grade aluminum
    • Steel-point tail cap can be used for self defense or glass breaking
    • Rechargeable self defense tool
  • Sale! tactical batonnon lethal weapons

    Guard Dog Titan Stun Baton Flashlight

    $ 79.25

    The Best Stun Gun introduces the industry-exclusive Guard Dog Titan, a baton, tactical flashlight, and concealed stun gun in one legal self-defense weapon.

    • Metal stun baton engineered in a type III aluminum, aircraft body
    • Glow in the dark push button
    • Rubberized grip handle
    • Can be used as an 18.5″ heavy-duty clubber and emergency glass breaker
    • Shines a blinding 260-lumen flashlight with three functions: blinding high, battery saver low, and emergency strobe
    • High voltage stunning capability with no visible probes made possible by Guard Dog’s exclusive Concealed Inner Stun Technology
    • Emits a loud electrifying shock
    • Enhanced aluminum reflector system
    • Includes belt clip
    • Allows flexibility in recharging with wall and car chargers
  • woman demonstrates using hnh pepper sprayhnh pepper spray in action

    HARM & HAMMER Pepper Spray

    $ 15.99

    Offering dual personal protections, the Harm & Hammer uses red pepper spray with the support of a built-in steel-point emergency glass-break hammer.

    • Multi-purpose spray – Keychain OC pepper spray with built-in emergency steel-point striker
    • Emergency hammer – Striker serves as an emergency escape hammer to easily shatter glass in an emergency as well as added self-defense
    • Comfort – Wonderfully molded finger grip for a secure hold
    • 18% OC Spray – Carries the hottest pepper spray on the market, Guard Dog Security 18% OC red pepper spray
    • P4L Program – FREE pepper spray for life! Guard Dog industry-exclusive Protected 4 Life program entitles you for a free replacement of your pepper spray in the event of use, for life!
    • Twist top – Twist top pepper spray provides safe and comfortable use while preventing accidental discharge
    • 16ft range – Effective up to 16 feet away in a pressured stream to prevent wind blowback
    • Made, assembled and laboratory tested in the USA
    • Holds more bursts than competing brands, guaranteed!
  • personal defense weaponsself protection weapons

    Heart Attack Self Defense Keychain

    $ 14.99

    The Heart Attack self-defense keychain is a stylish and powerful personal protection tool that can help you deliver a destructive blow to your assailant.

    • Secure grip
    • Impact resistant
    • Stylish, Compact & Lightweight
    • Give a crushing punch
    • Easy to use and easy to carry
    • Guaranteed effective
  • Sale! holster 9 oz pepper spray9 oz pepper spray holster

    Holster for 9oz Pepper Spray

    $ 16.95


    This holster is designed to fit all our 9oz Streetwise Pepper Sprays (SW15FM18, SW15FM23) as well as the 9.2 OZ Frontiersman Bear Spray and Guard Alaska 9 Ounces Bear Pepper Spray Repellent.

    • Belt loop on the back of holster
    • Measurements: 10 and one-half inches x 3  inches
  • Sale! non lethal weapon for sale pinkblack self defense knuckle taser grip

    I DO TWO Ring Stun Gun

    $ 48.25

    Power up your natural defense stance with this uniquely designed stun gun. The I Do Two ring self-defense tool is optimally contoured to fit the fingers and provide a power-packed punch to the user in an instant. Curl your fist around the power of the double-spark, and land two times the high voltage blow to any potential attacker.

    • Ergonomic form designed for comfort
    • Easy to hold, conceal and activate
    • Child lock and safety switch to prevent accidental discharge
    • Non-abrasive – Well suited for running, jogging, or casual and daily use
    • Built-in LED flashlight
    • Compact, convenient dual ring stun gun
    • Guard Dog Lifetime Warranty