Self Defense Stun Gun Flashlight

In the market for non lethal personal defense weapons, the stun gun flashlight can be an excellent life-saving choice. Stun gun flashlight defense weapons always pack a punch, but their smart looks disguise the fact that they are stun self protection weapons as they look like typical flashlights. Our electric stun gun flashlights have super bright LED that is several times brighter than your average flashlight bulb. The super bright light emitting diodes can not only be used to light dark areas but also to hinder the vision of a would-be attacker. The loud crackling noise of our rechargeable stun gun flashlights would usually discourage the criminals to proceed with their plans. If these great features in stun flashlights are not enough to deter criminals, you can use the contact stun function to buy enough time to run and get into safety or gain an advantage in a confrontation.

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