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  • Electra Lipstick Stun Gun

    Personal safety should be one of our primary concerns in the present environment where crime rates have increased at an alarming rate in the U.S. - especially against women. Women are being targeted, and a large percentage can be attributed to rape and sexual assault. Safety is always in our minds, but we only talk about it after something terrible happens. While we are aware of the danger, we still tend to think that becoming a victim will not happen to us. This mindset will not help us in a fight for survival as it will just make you complacent of the danger that is waiting to happen.

  • Streetwise Triple Defender Stun Baton Flashlight Review

    Crime has always been a problem and only feels like it's getting worse. You might have just recently heard news about a crime happening near your home or office and are wondering what you can do to protect yourself. You should take your personal safety very seriously, especially if you are prone to working late or enjoy having an early morning jog. When it comes to your self-protection, it is ideal to protect yourself from a distance if possible. If you want to know how to stay ahead of your attacker using a self-defense gear that requires no legal papers to possess in most states, then read on.

  • Streetwise Small Fry Stun Flashlight Review

    Stories about violence and human rights violations are rampant in our world today. It does not seem safe or wise anymore to go out at night and wander the streets. Unfortunately, there will always be those with ill-intentions lying in wait to pounce. It is so stressful worrying that you might become a victim. That’s why it is a good idea for you to carry a self-defense weapon whenever you leave your home. With a personal protection weapon, you will have confidence knowing that you are covered.

  • Guard Dog Katana Stun Flashlight Review

    The right to defend ourselves is a fundamental human right. We are constantly bombarded with stories of crime and violence across the globe. If you work late at night or walk to your car after work in a deserted parking lot, the chances of becoming a victim are getting higher. Even if you are living in a generally safe neighborhood, there are bound to be people making wrong decisions and breaking the law somewhere nearby.

  • Guard Dog Diablo Product Review guard dog diablo 2 tactical flashlight non lethal weapons

    Here is our latest review of the Guard Dog Diablo Stun Flashlight. guard dog diablo 2 tactical flashlight non lethal weapons