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stun gun self defense guide VS taser self defense guide
Stun gun effects are based on pain compliance. Requires direct contact with object in order to work. TASER overrides the object’s nervous system and causes physical incapacitation. It can be used both at a distance (15 ft away) or by direct contact.
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To get started, let’s clear up some common questions about stun guns and TASER devices.

Q. I heard stun guns and TASER devices kill people. Are they safe to use?

A. According to several studies done by The National Center for Biotechnology Information, stun guns and Tasers are safe to use if they are used properly. There have been incidents where Tasers were used excessively costing the victims their life. In these cases, the problem is the way the individual used the Taser, not the product itself. Stun devices are classified as non-lethal because of a combination of high voltage and low current.

Q. Is it legal for anyone to have?

A. Yes, stun guns and TASER devices are legal for civilian self defense in most states and cities. Please visit our stun gun law section to make sure they are legal in your area before purchase, and always contact your local authority if you are in doubt.

Q. Aren’t Stun guns and TASER devices the same thing?

A. No. Stun guns and TASER devices are different. As a matter of fact, “TASER” is a trademarked name from TASER International, which also is a publicly traded company. TASER International is the company who makes all the TASER devices for law enforcement throughout the country. It is easy to distinguish the two, if we don’t call it a TASER on our site, it is NOT a TASER. TASER is the only product in the market which you can use at a distance. All TASER civilian models can be used within a maximum of 15 feet. All stun guns require direct contact. It doesn’t matter what voltage or what shape. Even though you have to make direct contact to the person with a stun gun, stun guns are still very effective when it comes to stopping an attack. It is definitely better than bare handed. We will go into detail on how stun gun works in a little bit.