Self Defense Stun Pen Items

Our stun pens are equipped with extremely powerful volts. Just test firing these units into the air can make your attacker think many times about their plans. They create a bright electric current that pulsates across the top and produce a frightening electrical sound. An assailant will surely pause to reassess themselves. You can use the moment of hesitation on the part of the attacker to run away and ask for help. If looking at the powerful jolt and hearing the volt-trashing electrical sound of these self defense weapons aren’t enough to deter an assault, a powerful jolt of electricity from our stun pens certainly will. Another fantastic feature of these electric stun guns is that they have super bright LED lights. The light on these self defense items does not only serves as the source of illumination whenever you need, but it can also be used to blind an attacker. These self protection weapons will undoubtedly do their job, and that is to protect you by blinding and disabling the assailant. The disguise look of our stun pens will undoubtedly provide an element of surprise to the assailant, which can make your next move even more effective as your attacker would not expect a pen to be a powerful electric stun gun flashlight.

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