Tasers For Sale

Taser is known to be a shooting stun gun that incapacitates a person by transmitting a volt-trashing electric shock. It is actually a brand name for the self defense device, which is manufactured by Taser International now called Axon. The company has also started to develop a contact stun gun only, such as stun gun flashlight, along with their traditional handheld devices that fire small darts to disrupt the nervous system of the target, which can result in temporary incapacitation. The shooting taser can also be used as contact stun gun. Meanwhile, the contact stun gun only device must come into contact with a person to deliver a shock, which penetrates clothing. Taser has been used as a nonlethal alternative to the use of deadly force by law enforcement agencies in the United States. A Taser weapon can inflict a high degree of pain and suffering on a person while leaving few marks. Since police Taser devices are considered nonlethal, civilians can now also use them for self defense without a permit to carry in most areas in the country. Civilians may need to show a handgun permit to carry stun guns in a few areas though. Be sure to check your local laws about stun gun and taser use before buying one.

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