98% of our Customer Ratings over the past 4 years have been “Good (4)” or “Excellent (5)”

I heard about your product from a friend who was able to apply it to an intruder. And he likes it a lot. I could rate your product with a resounding 5! You can improve by letting people know they can protect themselves and their love ones by having your products on hand via advertisement in magazines or TV. You can use my reply for your company’s testimony. I have given my daughters each a pen light stun gun and keeping the cigarette size stun gun for myself. Thank you very much. – C.Lazo

I am very happy with it, and it exceeds my expectations. I did a google search for the product, and your came up among the most reputable. I would rate you at a 5. I would be very happy to promote my experience with your company to everyone I know. I am very pleased with your product. – L.Barge

I recently had a problem with my stun gun, which turned out to be a problem with the batteries I was using. I appreciate your prompt attention to the matter and on a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate you a 5 for excellent customer service. Your staff is great to deal with, and even followed up to make sure everything was ok with my stun gun. Thank you for your help, and you customer service is remarkable. Thanks again. – k.Kelley

I heard about your company from doing a “Google Search.” . We were looking for a non-lethal alternative to the use of firearms in self protection. Although firearms are legal to be carried in AZ, I would rather not have to face the aftermath of shooting someone if I can possibly avoid it. We were researching stun guns and were confused by all the different voltages and types of guns available. Your web site allowed us to compare each one we considered and the guidelines about which one to buy for what purpose were very helpful. I was in Law Enforcement on the East Coast many years before retiring in 2000. I was familiar with the smaller stun guns on the market at that time. The larger models were not available to us at that time. The large ones give me much more confidence that I can protect myself if I ever face that situation. Our Stun Guns arrived yesterday as promised. We are very pleased with the product and with the strength of the voltage. We tested them and understand the intimidation factor of just pointing it at someone and pulling the trigger. Thank you very much. – D.Deibler

Thanks for your inquiry, and follow up—that’s the way biz should be done. Yes I would give you all a five in terms of excellence and I will certainly be shopping with u again in the future —as needed—I work part time in the evenings as a pizza delivery driver, but it is a national chain and they absolutely will not permit us to carry lethal. As such, given the high rate of abuse and out right menacing that takes place in our town–esp. late nights on weekends—I find a real need to carry a form of protection and a high powered strong pepper spray is the ticket, since the abuse generally comes from car-loads of ‘YAHOOS’, my 300,000 volt stun gun is not my first choice anymore—takes close quarters and bat swinging idiots with too much liquor in them require some distance for defense. Be sure to let me know the minuet companies come out with a pistol- shaped dispenser!!!! Funny enough your e-mail came tonight as I just got off work and had an experience AGAIN with my car being shelled with oranges from a road side vacant lot!! I pulled right over, grabbed my 1lb canister and invited them to come out from their hiding in the woods. Needless to say no one showed. But I had it with this kind of crap and in this town it’s not just the kids (which I’m fairly sure this incident was). I work hard at two jobs and don’t provoke anyone at any time, I do not expect to be harassed and I am not about to take it anymore—I’ve test fired the unit and it has a nice spray. Mine looked good to about 12 feet. I wouldn’t fire at anyone at a greater distance anyway–since there could be a legal argument that I had flight available to me…….thanks again. – J.Madden

I heard of your site through both packing.org and georgiapacking.org (word of mouth or post rather) both of which are 2nd amendment websites. I would rate my experience as a 5. Ease of shopping, product selection, and the super fast shipping were big pluses with me. I chose to go with a stun gun because Georgia laws are as restrictive as to where one may carry a firearm for defensive purposes, even by someone who is licensed. So I chose a stun gun as an alternative to carry for when I find myself in “public gatherings” or if I have to use public transportation, both of which are off limits to carrying of a firearm. The stun gun penlight is also helpful for when I am at work. My job has a policy against weapons at work, so carrying this item disguised as a flash light really works for me at my job. The O.C. spray I purchased with my order I use as a backup to my stun gun penlight. I don’t know how much of a testimony that was, but that is what my reasons were for making the purchase. Thanks. – J.Camp

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your service and products. I’d rate your company with a 5. I was very happy with the amount of time it took from order to delivery. I’d definitely order from your site again and would recommend it without hesitation to anyone. As far as finding your website, I just Googled stun guns and it brought up several sites but yours seemed to have a description of just what I needed. Thanks again for a great product. Hopefully I’ll never need to use them, but if I do I’d rather have them and not need them, than need them and not have them. Thanks. – T.Woeber

I was really impressed with the speedy service and would rate my experience as a 5. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Best Stun Gun to family & friends. – J.Bayliss

We received our 3 oz. and 4 oz. containers of pepper spray promptly and in good order. We appreciate the quality and far-distant expiration dates. We would recommend your company to anyone who is seeking non-lethal self defense products. Thanks. – J.Glisson

We rate you at a 5. The person we talked to was Joe a nice fellow he explained to us about the product and if we decided to order we could let him know. He wasn’t pushy and told us what we wanted to know and if we need another product we will be ordering from this company. They were also fast in delivery. – K.Carl

I started a new job as a Detention Officer at a Jail. We are required to purchase our own gear only the uniforms are provided, so I started surfing the net to find cuffs, flashlight, utility belt and etc. When I viewed your company and saw the light-taser combo I was very impressed with the idea and thought that would serve two items in one…the old saying….kill to birds with one stone….and make my utility belt lighter….I would rate you as a 5……the delivers was within the add time limit…I was very impressed with the design it is very light weight, strong light…and when I test fired it….it made me jump…hope I never have to use the taser but it is a comfort to know that I have protection at my side when I may need it…this job can be dangerous at times. – A.Brown

I received my package about a week ago and I am very happy with the product. I heard about you from the internet…I simply googled ‘stun gun’ and went to your site first. I would rate my experience with you as a 5. I can’t think of anything that you could do to improve…I am very satisfied with your service. I will certainly refer you to my friends and family. Thanks! – S.Watkins

Thank you for your fast and friendly services. The stun gun you sent me is one of the best I have had ever used. I have a lot of family and friends who won’t their own stun gun for self protection and I plan to buy more from you. Once again thank you for your service I look forward to doing business with you in the near future. – P.Green

I received the package yesterday. I couldn’t believe how fast it came. It’s exactly what we wanted. One of the women that work in our office had gotten the same stun gun from her father. It was small and easy to handle so we all decided to get one for each of us. We work in the downtown area with people coming into the office all day long, so we wanted to be a little more comfortable with all the clients coming in and out, especially since there are only 4 women in the office most of the time. Unfortunately, that doesn’t say much for society, but I’d certainly rather feel safe. Thanks again – C.Ricci

Thank you for the follow up query. I purchased two of the Streetwise 900,000 volt Mini Stun Guns, which arrived quickly and are as advertised. These compact units fit easily in the pocket and are perfect for discrete carry. Several friends and coworkers have indicated an interest in obtaining the same unit and I am happy to refer them to Best Stun Gun for their purchase as your products and customer service are excellent. I have purchased products from you before but originally learned of your company via an Internet search. I rate your customer service as excellent + and you do have my permission to use this reply for a company testimony. Finally, your customer service does not need to improve in any way and I’m happy to refer friends and family to you. Thanks much. – R.Guild

I heard about your website from a co-worker who also ordered the same product. I was very satisfied with my purchase and the timely manner in which it was processed and delivered. I would rate your company on 5 using a scale of 1-5. Thanks for your help. – R.Hawes

I am very pleased with your product and your service – I rate it a definite 5! I heard about you just by doing a Google search. I was looking into getting a tazer gun, then learned from your website that a stun gun was more appropriate, particularly the pen size since I wanted to be able to keep it in my purse. Your website was very informative, particularly all the legalities of each item in each state/city, as well as how to use the different weapons. I would definitely recommend you to friends/family. Thank you – M.King

Rating 5++++. The service was fantastic! When I ordered my product I requested more batteries in the comments section and when my product arrived, you had included the extra batteries I needed. I appreciate that and I was surprised because I really didn’t figure companies read the comments box when you were ordering a product. Thank you again – R.Lowrance

I recently placed an order with your company. It was a great experience. I received my order fast. I was able to call and combine an order with no problem since I was placing it the same day. I ordered 3 of them. One for me, one for my husband and one for my daughter who is turning 18. If I had enough money I would buy one for every family member that was 18 or older. Thanks. – P.Hernandez

Awesome place to do business with fast shipment arrived on schedule always knew where my package was. Would recommend to everyone!!!! 5 star rating!!!! Great prices, efficient service what more could you ask for. – D.Berrios

I received the The Runt 950,000 volt yesterday…right on time. It arrived in outstanding condition and I am extremely satisfied with not only the product, but also the fast and professional service. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to all my friends and family. I have yet to use the runt, but a quick air zap let me know that it will do the job when required. Thanks. – R.Howard

I’m very happy with everything about the order. The stun gun was exactly as described (and I like the removable pin!), the size is good and the fact that it uses readily-available 9-volt batteries is an extreme plus. The packaging was solid, it shipped quickly and was delivered exactly on time, and even the checkout process was painless. In short, fantastic customer service, 5+ all across the board. I heard about your store from a discussion thread, about home and personal protection, on www.totalfark.com. The baton was highly recommended, and I will pass on the recommendation to co-workers as well. – Kathryn

My husband found your website. I would rate my experience as a 5. It was quick, easy and the product is wonderful. I don’t have any suggestions on improvement. I wouldn’t know what you could possibly improve. You can definitely use my response in company publications. – H.Casey

I received my Stun Gun this week and am very happy with the merchandise. I am seventy (70) years and found the 600,000 Volt Stun Gun — Street Wise, an excellent choice. It is easy to handle. The three safety switch’s is a plus for me. One main reason for the selection was the wrist strap with the disable Pin. I received the order in a reasonable time. I rate your service a 5 (excellent) I rate my experience with www.beststungun.com as excellent. – L.Howarth

I heard about you via Google search. I went back and forth from your web site to a few others and chose you because your web site was much more informative than the others. My experience with you (ordering my stun gun) has been a 5. I had a concern and sent you an email about it and much to my surprise you responded the following day! Thanks for great customer service. – S.Raley

The package arrived just as you promised within three business days. I am very pleased with the service; I would rate a 5 on a 1 to 5 scale. I’m also pleased that you care; so many places do not once the product is sold. I found you on the internet, I Google taser. The order was complete and in good order, I hope I never have to use it but I feel safer with it. Thank You. – T.Newkirk

Thank you for taking the time to write. It’s very refreshing to see someone whose name’s on the door take such a personal interest in customer service. Of course you have my permission to use my endorsement in any manner you see fit. I ordered the Streetwise 900,000 volt stun gun. It arrived in just three days with package and product in perfect condition. While the unit doesn’t come with batteries (however, BestStunGun.com offers them at a discount on the checkout page), it does include a Velcro-secured nylon belt holster. I carry mine every day, and the safety switch ensures that I won’t zap myself while I’m driving (this has actually happened to me with another brand – the switch on the stun gun can be activated when it hits the seat belt release). Just below the safety switch is a button which activates a 130db alarm, which is very handy. The only thing missing from this unit is a tactical flashlight with strobe. If Streetwise added that feature, the unit would be suitable for military issue. I stumbled upon BestStunGun.com while searching for sources on Google. I searched many sites, but BestStunGun.com had the best prices hands down. The site was easy to navigate, and I had no trouble finding exactly what I wanted. I still use a dial-up modem, but checkout was fast and easy. I received a confirmation of my order within minutes of its placement, and was notified again a few hours later when the unit was shipped. BestStunGun.com even included a direct link in their email so I could easily track my order from their warehouse to my front door. Using a scale of 1-5, with 5 being excellent, I would rate BestStunGun.com and its parent, Lau International, LLC, a very solid 5 for the following reasons: 1). They sell quality products at low prices; 2). It’s easy to find what you’re looking for, and checkout is fast, even with dial-up service; 3). Most importantly, they still wanted to know if I’m happy with the product AND the way my order was handled AFTER they had my money. I’ll do business with them again, and I’d recommend this site to anyone who’s looking for a viable alternative to a firearm. – J.Grimes

Your service was excellent. I got the product on time and it was working great. The packaging was also great and the concealment was excellent. Keep up your great way of doing business. Thank you for your effort. – G.Ngugi

I heard about you from a friend who recently ordered the same product from you. Both of us had been followed and accosted in a local park when jogging and felt the need for some non lethal protection “just in case.” Hopefully we will never have to use our stun guns. Anyway, I would rate your service a “5” – it was quick and everything arrived as described. Your website was easy to use. I would recommend you to anyone looking for the same or a similar product. – Emily

You have excellent service and products! (I have not installed the batteries yet, but will this weekend when I have time to test them.) I like the size of both the baton and the streetwise 150,000 and ordered the same at 300,000, easy to handle.) I found you on the net in Google, I believe under Stun Guns. The cattle prods were not working to break up my dogs fighting, so plan B was to use something stronger like the stun guns, and I’ve wanted one for myself for years. Never could get myself to order from Jackie’s Junction though….and then I found you. You have a great selection, and courteous and fast service….I’m very pleased and I’d rate you as a ….5. So far. Joe even called me back about my delivery address, because I had the billing & delivery backwards on my last order. I really appreciated this. Again thanks so much, and perhaps my three sons will be interested also. I feel a lot more secure in this day and age with my trusty Stun Gun on my hip, or in my hand. I like the three safety features too, especially the wrist strap, and also the siren. Many thanks. – R.Smith

Received in good condition on the exact date that tracking predicted. Excellent service. Thank you. – J.Warren

Yes, I received the stun gun yesterday. Fairly swift delivery! And at an awesome price! I intend to tell all of my family, friends, etc about best stun gun! This is a great option for personal protection. Thanks again. – H.Kelley

I would rate your easy purchasing and fast delivery system a 5+. The products were for my daughter and her friend who had already been sadly mugged and ended up in the hospital. Thank you for providing easy to use self -defense merchandise to the innocents who might need back up defense just simply running errands of the day. I have also been forced to use your products simply walking in the park. Even though I’m proficient in the Martial Arts I was able to stop my aggressor’s cold in his tracks by setting off my Stun Gun. It made him think twice. Thanks again from myself and daughter. I look forward to more purchases in the near future. Sincerely, A thankful patron. – L.Litman

My stun gun arrived just as you said it would on the day promised. The gun was packaged securely and was in perfect condition when I opened the box. When I saw your web site, while doing a search, the information was well presented, the graphics and pictures were very good quality and the information for each item was stated well, to the point, and did not go off on some crazy explanation as to why I should only by from you. Your prices were fair and in-line with other companies offering the same product. I will most likely purchase some other items at a later date because of your excellent web site and the ease of making my purchase online with your excellent shopping cart and check-out system. In this day of fast paced merchandising it is truly satisfying to do business with a company that delivers on what they promise. You may share my e-mail with others if you desire, so they may have the same experience I had in doing business with your company. – R.Hawley

I heard about the company by searching the web. If I have to rate the company, I would give a 5. No problem at all. The product was delivered in a appropriate time. The product itself is excellent. Exceed my expectations, and I would do business again with Best Stun Gun. – D.Sanou

I found you in the Internet, I would give you a rating of 5, I’m very satisfied with the product. – P.Baca

Package arrived yesterday…very quick delivery. Service and product are excellent. Rating 5. Thank you. – R.Griffiths

I searched for your item in Google under the name “Stun Gun” – I was looking to purchase a compact stun gun for my wife. My experience was a 5 with you folks. I didn’t see anything that needed to be improved and I would absolutely purchase from your company again. Thanks again. – J.McQuade

Everything was fine. I found you on the internet and will recommend you to others. – Y.Parrish

Well actually I got it for my future wife, right now I’m in Iraq and I want her to be safe and have some protection. And your company has filled that safe while I’m not there. It arrives with great time too. Thank you – E.Solano

Hello, thank you for the speed in which my order was processed, my package arrived about 25 hours after purchase. And while I cannot attest to the products quality (yet) I can certainly compliment your company for your great customer service and rapid delivery. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being excellent) I would have to give beststungun.com a solid 5, and I would recommend your site over any other supplier on the web. Thanks again. – J.Willett

I found you on a search engine looking for the particular stun gun we purchased from you. The shipping was excellent, right on time. We recommend you to others. – S.Populus

Everything was as advertised, arrived on time and works perfectly, 5 out of 5. – P.Bella

My purchase with Best Stun Gun went very smoothly. The product arrived quickly, the selection process was quick and painless and the product quality and price are first rate. There is no reason to consider purchasing a stun gun product elsewhere. I heard about you from an internet search on Google. I appreciate your help and will come back when I need a product. Thanks. – N.Solomon

Hi there, thanks for the package. It was delivered ok. The service is excellent I give you a 5. I heard about you on the internet. Thanks again. – L.Potosi-Males

Your product was exactly what I expected it to be; and your company was very professional and courteous. I received my product on time also. I appreciate your attitude towards your customer. Thank you. – R.Biggers

My wife is very happy with the cell pone style stun gun and the 3 in 1 Mace. And I feel much better knowing that she carries the mace on her all the time and the stun gun too when she doesn’t feel like the area is relatively safe. – S.Nichols

My product arrived safely and I have yet to power it up, but I am impressed by the follow up and will do business with you in the future. I am always pleased when a company cares enough about their customers to inquire about satisfaction. – T.Derr

I am very happy with the timely delivery. I couldn’t believe that it arrived so quickly. Very simple to operate. Thank you. – T.Collum

(Rating 5) I am very satisfied with my stun gun; the service was fast and discreet. – D.Harlin

The items were delivered and everything is fine. I appreciate the prompt delivery and follow-up. I discovered your company via a web search tool. After comparing prices, your company offered the best prices. Thanks. – J.Clark

I enjoy your product. And I would rate it about a 4. I’ve been scanning the net and happen to come across your business. I have been doing law enforcement for over 14 years and thought that I would order one, but once again thank you for sending me my order and I look forward to ordering more merchandise from you. – D.Fountain

5 out of 5 being the best. You guys have an awesome website with information that should set the standard for other sites that I looked at. I bought the 300,000 V for my girl friend because she gets out of work very late at night. I am confident that your product with its amazing features will help me sleep easier at night knowing that she is protected. Thank You. – L.Cuales

I was very impressed with the service provided. They answered all of my questions. I would recommend this site to family and friends. – T.Bush

Hi folks, first let me say I came across u guys on the internet when I punched in stun guns. As for a rating I give it top marks 5. As for improvement I can’t think of any. I was so surprised to receive it so fast so now my wife has one and I have one. Thank you very much. – P.Kenny

Thank you very much for very good service and the timely delivery of a fantastic product. – M.Ermitano

Best Stun Gun.com answers the phone and all questions professionally and politely, and they return calls! They ship immediately! – L.Koven

The stun gun seems to work. I have not needed to use it yet, so I hope it works when I need it to. The sound is very loud! Thank you for your great customer service. – K.Herich

Thank you for the product. I believe I will enjoy this product for a long time to come. I love the compact size and I’m very comfortable with it. Thanks again. – R.Ruiz

Honest merchant. Good quality merchandise. – M.Jones

Easy to use website, quick and simple ordering process, and speedy delivery. – L.Pomales

I had a great experience with beststungun.com. I had accidentally put the wrong zip code for my shipping address and they called me the next day that I left a message to verify the zip code before they shipped it. It arrived in a timely manner. I would recommend anybody that is shopping for a stun gun to get it from beststungun.com. – D.Cross

I ordered the new streetwise 750,000 volt stun baton. It was easy to order and it came really quick compared to another company that I have recently used. Overall I am really pleased with the price and the service. I have told my friends about it and I believe they will get one to. Thanks – J.Steele

This was an easy transaction. My stun gun came in 4 days and I was very happy with my purchase.C.Brown

Quick, reliable – everything they said in their ad was true; and their e-mail response and notifications were among the best I have ever had. – J.Smith

Quick response to questions. Promptly shipped. Can buy with confidence. – J.Vila

Great communication, very fast shipping, and definitely recommended! – D.Abouzeidan

We love the stun guns, I ordered one for myself and two for my daughters. Thanks again – L.Garcia

I received my purchase in good time. I did the initial test and it seems to work fine. (Nobody will let me test it for real) haha. Your company did a fine job in replacing the first stun gun that didn’t work properly and kept open communication with me, letting me know when the replacement was going to ship. All in all I will recommend Best Stun Gun.com when applicable. I give you a 5 rating. Thanks and have a great holiday! – L.Garcia

I did receive my Stun Gun. It seems to work fine. I keep it in my backpack because I do a lot of walking in an urban area. I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, luckily, but if or when I do, I’ll let you know what the results were. Thanks for the follow up. 5 on customer service. – E.Moses

Your products are awesome; therefore I’d rate my experience with you as 5 out of 5. Have a great day! – H.Khattab

I rate my experience a 5 the product was delivered quickly. – R.Dawson

Hi there…We are extremely happy about finding you on the web….We had been searching other local gun shops and such for these products…and nothing came close to the variety… and the choice we had when we found your site. We did a search and yours was one of the first to come up under stun guns. We are giving them out as gifts to our adult family members as they are always out and about either jogging or walking or in transit all times of day and night. Since my husband is a former police officer, he will be showing them the important safety uses with both the stun guns and the pepper sprays. Your service was fast and efficient, unlike most of the on-line products I have done for Christmas. I have had to call repeatedly on some to ensure a delivery in time for Christmas, due to their bad organization practices. Thanks again for a great site and having the products on hand to begin with! (Rating 5) – M.Town

I rate you as a 5. Excellent company to do business with. – M.Schaffer

A five. Quick response and customer follow up were great. It is nice to see a company that still practices customer satisfaction and emphasizes a “customer first” paradigm. This was my first experience with your company and I am totally pleased. – T.Sandonato

5. Flawless. Good website, congenial customer service rep, product delivered on time and well packed. – E.Ray

5. You’re doing great – website was very thorough and trustworthy. – E.Martin

The product was received on the date you specified, no problems with it and I am very satisfied. Both times I have dealt with you have been very easy and satisfying. I would rate your customer service a “10” and have already recommended you to a friend. – K.Clark

Received promptly, item as stated, would use seller again. – M.Fedora

One of the best purchasing experiences I have gone through. Website was easy to maneuver through, and lots of helpful information. – A.Kwan

Yes I have received my item unharmed and I am very impressed with my purchase. Thank you for your services and follow up! I found your store on internet web search engine yahoo. I would rate you on a scale 1- 5. It is a 5 fast shipping, great produce, best service ever. – D.Horak

Our Stun Guns arrived the other day, although we don’t look forward to using them, we are very happy with them. I found out about your website from a forum in an industry related website. A dancer was mentioning your website as the place where she purchased her stun gun. Overall, I would rate my experience a 5; your website was very informative especially about the laws in each state, the measurements of the stun gun, and the voltage of each stun gun available. I even called and spoke with one of your customer service representatives who were polite and well informed about the stun guns on your site. I would highly recommend others to use your service. – C.Fludd

Excellent and timely service. I would rate you a 5 on service and 5 on product quality. A friend gave us your web site address, and we are happy they did. Happy holidays thanks again – D.Thomas

Everything is great, service was great, reply were great, service was a 5, Thanks again – K.Buchanan

I would rate you a 5. Your service was great and the product arrived much faster than expected. – H.King

I received the taser. I am very happy to get it so quickly. I am very impressed with it and hope that I never have to use it being a veteran of Vietnam and also just not wanting to have to hurt someone. I think that all women need one as there are siccos out there and want to show that edge that they will loose if the person uses a taser on them. It is probably the best idea about protection for a weak or disabled person. Thank you for the interest and hope that it is just here for an emergency situation. – R.Feise

I would rate you a 5 for sure. Everything went so well that I do not know how you could have made it better for me. – J.Spivey

I’d give you a 5. I’m perfectly happy with the products and the quick manner in which the item was shipped and when I was billed. I found your site from a Google search of stun gun. Thanks guys, keep up the good work. – A.Kio

I am very happy with my product. I am thinking about buying another one very soon. Thank you for your service. – D.Tristan

I did receive my stun gun and I am happy with the product. I feel much safer traveling with it as I ride a motorcycle at night. I feel that it is a good product and you processed my order fast and had it sent to me way before I would have expected it. I will rate you a 5. I have showed this stun gun to several other women and they thought it was great, so I may order one or two more in the future for gifts. It has been a pleasure doing business with your company. Thank you! – J.Gallagher

I am very impressed with the “Streetwise baton 750K”. Through extensive research for the “right” Stun baton for me, this product seemed better than the rest. The disarming pin was the feature that sold me on this product. No other stun baton offered this safety device. I have not had the opportunity to fully test your product on anyone, nor do I think the need will occur, due to the sound and sight of this “bad boy” when test fired. This feature also sold me from the start. I would rate my purchase experience a 5. This company made me feel secure about delivery, promptness, and quality. – M.Davis

I did receive the stun guns, and thank you for being so prompt with delivery. I have not tried them….a bit hard to experiment, but will spend more time with the instructions and info you sent with them soon. I purchased these for my two grown daughters who find themselves having to walk to their cars late at night alone at times. Thank for the follow-up e-mail, it is nice to do business with a company that follows-up after the sale. On a scale of 1-5 I would rate you guys a 5! – M.Hervey

I am very happy with the product and your service. I would rate your service a 5. It got here fast and I was very pleased with the product and will probably be buying more products from you in the future. – J.Rose

I absolutely cannot believe I got the stun gun so quickly. I am getting ready to head out into the unknown in a motor home for a couple of years and my children wanted me to carry a gun. I opted for this instead and know it is a better choice. What I loved the most about your website, which I just happened onto, was your thorough explanation of what the stun gun does. Second, the quality of the stun gun is what I was hoping to find. It suits my defense purposes perfectly. Thanks for being there! You will hear a lot more if I have to use it!!! – T.Chastain

The product is great…delivered on time….good customer service….I heard of you online from a search on yahoo for stun guns…excellent overall ….thanks. – G.Sosnick

The product is great! I received it a lot sooner than expected. I would rate you at 5. It is hard to improve on the best!! Thank you. – M.DeMike

Service? Your service can’t get any better in my opinion! Thanks! I can’t believe how fast my product arrived! On a scale of 1-5 I’ll give you a 10! It’s good to see there is still a company around that gets it done NOW! I ordered your product the, “small fry”,”Early” Wednesday morning. I had it in my hands Thursday Morning! It just doesn’t get any better. I needed the product for the weekend and was hoping it would be in my hands by Friday, but didn’t even think that would happen. You did even better! Can’t say thanks enough! I can now feel more PROTECTED as I travel and have to deal with three young hellions this weekend. You’re an answer to my prayer!! – D.Agee

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