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ZAP Stun Baton Extreme

The look and feel of the Zap stun baton flashlight tells you immediately of its high quality and rugged construction.

  • Provides 1 million volts of power for your self-protection
  • Comfortable rubber grip – Soft rubber coating for secure grip
  • Ultra-bright, long lasting 30 lumens flashlight – Shines up to six hours on a charge
  • Four points of shock contact – tip, both sides and below the handle
  • Added personal protection – Patented two spike electrodes can collect DNA during an attack
  • Long-lasting Ni-MH rechargeable battery – Lasts up to 2 months on a single charge

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Product Video Of ZAP Baton Extreme Stun Gun Rechargeable Flashlight


The look and feel of the Zap baton self-defense weapon tells you immediately of its high quality and rugged construction. The self-protection weapon provides 1 million volts of power. It has a comfortable rubber grip and 30-lumen flashlight that will shine up to six hours on a charge. The Zap stun baton flashlight is equipped with 4 points of shock contact – the tip, both sides, and below the handle. Additionally, it features 2 spike electrodes for added protection and the ability to collect DNA during an attack. The electric stun gun baton has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 2 months on a single change with a life expectancy of up to 500 charging cycles. This battery does not need to be replaced.

  • Patented Ultra-sharp Spike Electrodes can penetrate clothing to jab or scratch, causing extreme pain. They can also collect the attacker’s DNA which may be used for future identification.
  • Ni-MH rechargeable battery
  • Points of shock contact: tip, both sides and handle
  • Soft rubber coating for secure grip
  • Induces Extreme Pain
  • Real stun gun for real protection

Important Information

We DON’T Ship Stun Devices To: Rhode Island; and Hawaii

A copy of Concealed Carry Permit/Firearm Owners Identification card Is REQUIRED In: Illinois; and Wisconsin. Please email us a copy of your concealed carry permit or firearm owners identification card after successful payment of your order.

Concealed Carry Permit/Firearm Owners Identification is NOT NEEDED in areas not mentioned above.

We DON’T Ship Outside Of The U.S.

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