ZapLight Flashlight Stun Gun

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$ 79.95

The ZapLight Flashlight stun gun is a sturdy, heavy duty, and ultra-bright flashlight. With 1 Million volts of take down power, it has plenty of power to stop a bad guy in his tracks!

The 120 lumen flashlight is extremely bright and is perfect to use around the house at night.

The Zaplight is perfect to keep by your bed or in your car. It’s a great tool to have to defend yourself at home or when you’re on the go!

  • Huge voltage means faster take down
  • Ultra Bright LED flashlight PLUS stun gun
  • Small size makes it easy to carry & to stow



The Zaplight flashlight stun gun keeps you protected 24 hours a day. Having it within reach will assure you of the added safety
that you have been longing for.

Shorter Confrontation Time

The higher the voltage, the faster the take down. With a shocking 1 million volt take down power, just by test-firing, it is intimidating enough to scare the bad guy away. If the guy is dumb enough to come after you, the powerful stun gun sure would make him regret it.

Easy to Carry Wherever You Go

The unit is only 6″ long and 1″ wide and weighs 9oz. If you have room for your cell phone, you will have room for this.

A Flashlight You Can Actually Count On

With 6 ultra bright LED bulbs, you can really count on it when you use it in the dark. Whether you are going to your car in the parking lot after work or just taking a walk in the park with your dog at night, the flashlight feature will come in handy. Not to mention it is always good to have a flashlight in your car in case it breaks down and leaves you stranded at night. Another great way to use the flashlight is to shine it directly into the attacker’s eyes and temporarily blind him. What is a better way to stop an attack before it even happens?

Complete Privacy. No One Would Know What It Is

There is no way anyone would know it is a stun gun if you don’t tell them. We all understand the need for a stun gun but just don’t want to share with the world that we carry one. It is the perfect item to have- you can hold this in your hand and the person next to you might would just assume it’s a flashlight.

Complete Privacy. No One Would Know What It Is

Save Money on Batteries

The unit has a built-in rechargeable battery. Just charge it for 4 hours and the flashlight will shine over 5 hours. You can perform up to 30 times one-second stun when the unit is fully charged.

Take advantage of the limited time low price and purchase this remarkable product now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1,000,000 volts seems a little strong, is it necessary?
Yes. Theoretically, higher voltage means shorter time to immobilize an attacker. In other words, less confrontation time. You would want to have the highest power available if possible.

Can I hit the attacker with the flashlight stun gun directly?
No. Even though it has metal shaft, I would not recommend using it to hit any object unless it is a life and death situation.

Can the stun gun and flashlight work separately?
Yes. There is an On/Off switch for each function and they can be operated separately.

Is it easy to carry?
Yes. The ZapLight flashlight stun gun is only 6 inches long. It would fit easily in a purse or on your belt.

I only see one set of metal probes arcing when test firing instead of two, is the product defective?
No. According to the manufacturer, that is perfectly normal for only one side to arc. Sometimes once it is charged it goes to 2 sides. Even with the one side, the unit is working prefectly fine.

Can the stun gun and flashlight work separately?
Yes. There is an On/Off switch for each function and they can be operated separately.

Is it easy to carry?
Yes. The ZapLight flashlight stun gun is only 6 inches long. It would fit easily in a purse or on your belt.

Would you recommend this item?
Yes, I would recommend this item if you would like to get the most features for your money. It is a flashlight and a stun gun all in one unit. This is a great item for a security guard or someone in a similar line of work. It is also very useful if you like to walk your dog at night. Not to mention every household can use a flashlight and some protection in case of emergency.
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Additional information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 6 in

Tactical Flashlight

Safety Switch




27 reviews for ZapLight Flashlight Stun Gun

  1. Corporate Ann

    I recommend this for any woman who works or lives in unsafe areas. Extremely easy to carry, especially when your hands are full, and nobody can tell what it is unless you use it.

  2. Kris

    Both my husband and I did quite a bit of research to determine what stun gun would be the best for us. We really like the size and style. It fits nicely in your hand, feels very sturdy and is easy to use. It looks exactly like a flashlight and does not cause anyone any undo concern if they should see it. I use the flashlight feature all the time when walking my dog at night and I feel more secur

  3. Donny

    I take it every where i go and couldnt think of being without it, and it last alot longer then 5 hours. I tried to kill the battery and it took a hole day with the flashligt on and 50 1sec stuns….awsome

  4. Geena

    I walk my dog every night, and I don’t know how I managed without the ZAP Light. I had a couple of scary incidents, and no longer felt safe, even right in front of my own house. Carrying the ZAP light makes me feel so much better! At 1 million volts, the sight and sound of it is extremely intimidating when fired, and I hate to imagine what it feels like to be hit with this thing. Besides the prot

  5. T

    I am in the military and currently deployed to Afghanistan, I carry it everywhere. Just the sound alone scares people, but thankfully I haven’t had to use it on anyone yet, but will if I have to. Great product so far, no complaints, would purchase it again. And no one will ever know that it is anything more than a flashlight unless you tell them.

  6. Ws

    My dog was attacked twice by other dogs during walks, and I decided enough was enough! So I bought an insurance policy… the ZapLight. If my dog ever goes down again, so will the attacker! And only one person has ever ask me what I had in my hand, and when they did, I just simply said a heavy metal flashlight while turning it on to show them, and that was the end of that discussion. If I had the

  7. Stargate

    Seems to be a well made product that functions as advertised.I’ve only had the unit for a couple of weeks and except for the push button test have not had occasion (and I hope I never will) to use it on a living subject.

  8. Mouse_Wingryder

    I bought this little gem for my wife. My wife feels a lot safer walking our little pom’s . She feels very safe.Works Great. Safe to handle.The Cons? Not one thing wrong.

  9. Sheldon Klassy

    Have not used but feel safer having it.

  10. Mickee

    I live in the country, kept by my bed, my german shepherds would alert me of an intruder and I would be double protected. More sense of security working on the bad side of town.

  11. Rick

    This product gives me a sense of security. I have not had to use it yet, and I hope that I never have to. It is pretty intimadating when you test fire it. My partner wants one, and I will definitely get him one. I would like to get my nieces and brother one, however unfortunately they reside in Michigan. I also purchased the pepper spray/tear gas, and it also gives me a sense of security.

  12. Light Saber

    this stun gun looks like a light saber. and i use it while riding my bike or walking around the neighborhood at night. i have not tried it on myself or anyone else yet but it sound intimidating.

  13. Gotti

    it shocked me every time i pushed the button not a major charge put notice able so i chucked it few minuets after getting it. i have a couple of your products this one is the only one that gave me a problem im going to purchase the marker size one its nice and small so im going to give it a try i gave a few to some woman in the family the more standard type no complaints from them

  14. Borris

    nice product should work how it is supposed to. On an attacker, I tried it a couple times on myself it hurts. SO I recommend you get this for yourself or a family member for a safe feeling of personal protection.

  15. Johnnyd

    It may give a false sense of security to a would-be attacker, thus the covert and deceptive rating.

  16. Sparky

    My husband bought this for me for self protection because I did not want a gun around the kids. I wouldn’t want to go toe-to-toe with someone with just this on my side but I feel confident that it would scare someone away or at least make them think twice before messing with me. I find it very useful when walking my dog. When dogs run toward me, I pull this baby out, push the zap button and the dogs stop their tracks.

  17. Cheryl

    Bought one for my finace who loved it and when I showed it to other people, they wanted one. I wound up ordering several more.

  18. Kathleen

    I purchased the Zaplight Flashlight Stun Gun for a family member. When it arrived we tested it out and felt confident that this would work perfectly for him. It has a nice arc and is loud enough to make someone think twice about approaching. I especially liked to sharp points on the tip of the flashlight so if you have to use the unit you will not only jolt them you will poke them as well. Of

  19. Dss

    Living overseas, we have a horrible wild dog problem. This stun gun’s loud “crackle” turns even the most aggressive dog on its heels. Even the locals are primally afraid to get near it. A great comfort if you have kids or a spouse that travels at night. Re-chargeable, a “covert” flashlight appearance (until it’s needed), and the solid aluminum casing makes it the best I have tried (I bought 6

  20. Photoclicker

    Very well built. Flashlight is bright and very functional as a light. The power of the stun gun is impressive. Just the sound of it is a detouring. As with any personal safety equipment, the best ones are the ones you never have to use. With this, the sound will send them off, but it will take them down if needed. I highly recommend it for anybody that wants the security and functionality.

  21. Corporateann

    Every woman that works or lives in unsafe areas needs one of these. Only product I’ve ever written a review for. Absolutely great gift for wives or daughters.

  22. Vagabond10

    Bought this product for my daughter. College student that leaves at night or untended parking lots in a marginal part of town. Serves a dual perpose of light and safety. Great combination!!

  23. Vince

    Me and my grilfriend purchased the ZapLight Stun Gun and couldnt be more pleased with our purchase. My girlfriend started college in a not so nice area of Oakland CA. she will be living off campus, and without a car there will be some walking. At first the idea of carrying a stun gun turned her off, but the size of the ZapLight and the convience of the it’s flashlight mode soon changed her mind. I

  24. The Kelvinator

    Absolutely best stun gun for the money, high voltage, rechargeable, looks just like a flashlight when it’s on so no one would think twice that it packs a big punch. Perfect non-lethal sidekick when packing a legally concealed pistol, both the flashlight and stunner can be used tactically in one device giving you more options and flexibility. Zap terminals go all the way around the flashlight arc

  25. Re Ranger

    If you are in the dark and using the flashlight function and then need to use the zapper, you will have to turn the light off and the zapper on. It makes little sense to be forced to operate the zapper in the dark, without being able to see your target because your flashlight is off. You should be able to use the zapper while the flashlight is still on.

  26. Mike

    I like the construction and the obvious quality. This is a good product- easy to use, but I hope I never have to. I think the “zap” sound alone is quite intimidating to a potential attacker. My only complaint would be that it’s just a little bit bulky. On the other hand, it’s hefty and seems quite sturdy.

  27. Bwana Brad

    The Zap light is great, but a holster I recently bought for the pepper spray I also ordered fell apart strightaway (the holster snap pulled out of the leather).

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